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best crossbody bag picks

As you might’ve noticed on Instagram stories, I’ve been in and out of New York City several times last week. I made the smart decision to carry one of my crossbody bags each time. When I’m home in Connecticut I usually opt for a large tote bag to schlep around all my “stuff” – but since I also have my car with me, the size and weight of this tote is never really an issue. Most of the time it’s going from car to grocery store shopping cart anyway…

Since New York is very much a walking city, and since the weather has been pretty good, I knew carrying a light bag would be the best option. Crossbody bags are perfect for travel for this reason. They allow you to be hands free, look cute and are also pretty secure. I’m very partial to top opening ones, like the mini peekaboo bag above. I like the ease that you can get in and out of it, as opposed to a bag with a flap top closure. The mini peekaboo is the one I tend to use the most. I also love how it looks without the strap, like a cute little top handle bag, so it’s perfect to take out at night. If you’re traveling, it’s the only bag you’ll need.

Because this bag works so well (and always gets a lot of compliments) I thought I’d do a round up of crossbody bags I’m currently loving…

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Madewell Transport Crossbody Bag

Madewell’s Transport bag has a classic simplicity which really appeals to me. I’m partial to it in brown – it will no doubt look cooler with age as the leather looks pretty solid. I don’t think you can go wrong with this bag.

Audrey Lock and Key Bag

I have a read crossbody bag that I love to wear with all black outfits just like this. This bag also easily converts to a cute clutch. giving you options, which is always a good thing.

Gucci Leather Disco Bag

If you’re looking to splurge on a designer bag, Gucci’s Disco Bag has proven staying power and street style. I think it makes the most sense in the Camelia color above, as it could literally take you through all four seasons.


Kara Ring Crossbody Tortoise Bag

This bag is so cool. I love the silver ring handle and the transparent quality – two very trendy looks right now. Of course it also converts to a crossbody bag making it very versatile. Plus, it’s tortoise shell!


MZ Micro Wallace Crossbody Bag

The MZ Micro is the smallest bag in this round up. With just enough room for a phone and a few credit cards, it’s very popular with college students.

Mango suede crossbody bag

I couldn’t resist including this last bag because it reminds me of my favorite bag from high school, and I wish I still had it! At only 29.99 I might have to scoop this one up.



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  1. I recently spent lots of time searching for the perfect crossbody bag to use on vacation. I found that I didn’t like any with handles (including the Madewell), because they flopped around and annoyed me. Others were super cute but wouldn’t fit a wallet, a glasses case, and other necessities. I lucked out at the list minute by finding the Patcham Palace Medium Zip-Top Cross Body Bag by Radley London. The tan color is so versatile, and the bag is a perfect size to fit my stuff. The strap length worked well on my 5’3″ frame too.

    Like you, I usually use a larger shoulder bag when I’m driving here or there, but I live in a very walkable area, so I’m happy to use my crossbody frequently too.

    Published on 9.20.18 · Reply