Affordable Home Decor Under $50.

Affordable home decor – everybody’s favorite subject!

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Affordable Home Decor

I get a lot of emails asking about about the best places to find affordable prices on home decor.

After giving this a lot of thought, I’ve put together this post on some of the best online sources to find great prices on home decor.

A few of these sites even offer free shipping!

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Five Easy Ways to Refresh Your Bedroom Style

What are some easy ways to refresh your bedroom style?
Easy Ways to Refresh Your Bedroom Styleimage source via @zhush

Five Easy Ways to Refresh Your Bedroom Style

Today I’m sharing a few time tested tips and easy ideas to elevate and refresh your bedroom style.
You don’t need to over complicate it.
That’s why these five easy ways to refresh your bedroom style are key!
Like most decor related concepts, it’s always best to keep it simple!

1. When it comes to your master bedroom style, less is more.

Try to limit any and all clutter.

Start by clearing out everything and then edit your accessories to the bare minimum.

Whether it’s your primary bedroom or your guest room, this little hack will give your room a whole new look.

Nightstands with drawers ( these are the ones we have in our beach house) are your friend.

You can see a whole round up of my favorite night stands and bedside tables here.

In a pinch, under the bed baskets and decorative boxes are a great way to store away items.

2. Refresh your bedroom with greenery.

Whether it’s fresh flowers or a little easy to maintain succulent plant, a dose of greenery in the bedroom is a lovely thing to wake up to.

It also gives the space a clean, soothing vibe.

Bonus points because fresh plants actually clean the air you breathe!

3. Go with solid, neutral colors.

One neutral color palette in the bedroom is an easy way to give the room a light, open and airy feeling.
I tend to love grass cloth wallpapers and I’m super partial to all white bedding.

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Five Of The Best Etsy Shops For Home Decor & Furnishings

Over due for a round up of some fabulous Etsy shops for home decor, so without further adieu…

The Best Etsy Shops For Home Decor

Now that we’re fully into fall over here, I’m re-focused on home decor.
Cooler weather nesting mode is in full effect.
Recent Etsy discoveries include Lynn Chalk, a Connecticut based shop known for designer custom drapes, roman shades, pillows and cushions.
Maybe it’s because I’m finally getting into Game Of Thrones (not really, sort of) but seriously, how chic is this Scalamandre Chi’en Dragon fabric?!
Not to mention, my own artwork!
I also love a monogram, right now I’ve got both Southern Linen and Snazzy Living bookmarked for some special occasions.
And, last but not least, this chic boucle bolster from Dust and Sugar recently caught my eye.