Beautiful Burl Wood Furniture Finds For Your Home

Today I’ve rounded up some beautiful burl wood furniture and home decor burl wood pieces.

beautiful burl wood furniture

From end tables to picture frames, there are so many unique designs which utilize this beautiful wood.

I recently went down a rabbit hole with respect to this type of wood.

Not sure at first what burl exactly was, here’s what I learned…

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Stylish Valentine’s Day Tablescape Ideas

Today I’m excited to share my beautiful Valentine’s Day tablescape ideas with you.

Or, in this case, my Galentine’s Day party place setting and table top ideas.

Valentine’s Day Tablescape Ideas

I love how this tablescape idea came out so festive and elegant with small touches of spring woven in, to warm it all up a bit.

Like most things, it’s the small details here that really bring it all together.

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The Best End Of The Bed Interior Design Ideas

What should I put at the end of my bed?

If you’re in need of some end of the bed interior design ideas, today’s post is for you.

A popular design question and a recent request I’m happy to answer today.

These end of the bed interior design ideas will enhance the look and feel of your bedroom’s overall style, regardless if you’re working with a small room or not.

bench at the foot of our bed
The bench at the foot of the bed in our primary bedroom. It provides the perfect focal point, which is why it’s almost always a great idea to place one there. Similar ceiling light fixture.

The Best End Of The Bed Interior Design Ideas For a Small Space

In terms of bedroom storage ideas, today we’re going to think outside of the our bedside tables, so to speak…

From stylish bedroom furniture storage solutions (to keep extra pillows and blankets inside) to ottomans, benches and small sofas- we’ve got you covered.

You’re going to love of all of these great ideas for the foot of your bed.

So let’s get into it and transform this often overlooked space!


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