5 Chic and Classic Sweater Options

We’re getting closer to sweater weather temps here in Connecticut…

 Chic and Classic Sweater Options For Women

 5 Chic and Classic Sweater Options For Women


So today I thought I’d feature a few classic sweater options for women.

I’ve recently taken out my sweaters and assessed what I’m keeping and what needs to go (I found a giant hole in a long loved sweater, really hoping it’s just from a snag or pull!)

Have you gone through the sweaters in your closet yet?

Now I’m looking to add a couple more new sweaters to my collection for the colder months ahead.

It’s always nice to mix things up with my fall and winter uniform.

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Marble vs. Quartz Countertops: A detailed review

Marble vs. Quartz countertops?

This is a question we’ve given a lot of thought to over here and one I receive all the time in emails.

So much so, I’m bringing back this post-

marble counter tops in white kitchen(all decor sources listed at the bottom of this post)

The Benefits of Marble vs. Quartz Countertops

When you’re building a kitchen or bathroom, there are dozens of choices to make, from cabinetry to paint colors.

Every choice you make determines the style and aesthetic of your kitchen and how it relates to the rest of your home.

Countertop materials – the choices can seem endless, but this is obviously such an important (and expensive) decision.

Since your countertops are one of the main focal points of the design, when you select a particular color or type, it can determine almost everything else about your kitchen’s overall look.

Nowadays, countertops come in nearly endless colors and patterns, shades and grains, but the most common stone to use is either marble or quartz.

Marble vs. Quartz countertops!

Both are excellent options for your kitchen countertops, but depending on your needs or your budget, there are a few considerations to take into account before you make your choice.

Since I’m familiar with both, through trial and error,  I thought I’d address this popular question here today.

Let’s dig into the pros and cons of marble vs. quartz countertop options.

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