Amazon Chic Part Two

Amazon Fashion Findsleopard belt  //   cashmere turtle neck sweater  //  (reading) sunglasses
denim jacket   //   satin bomber jacket 
nail polish  //camo crew neck sweater  //  leopard mules


A few months ago I did a post on my favorite Amazon home decor pieces. I shouldn’t have been surprised how well that post did, considering how much I tend to shop on Amazon – and yet I was a little pleasantly amazed by how much those picks resonated with all of you.

I’m trying to get better about looking to Google analytics in an effort to post more content in line with what you already like…(after almost nine years of blogging – that strategy is probably looong over due). Anyway – most of you are most likely already shopping for fashion finds on Amazon, but if you’re not – you might want to consider it, given the convenience and great customer service, I can’t recommend it enough. Here’s a few of my favorite fashion finds from Amazon.


*this post contains affiliate links.

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