Amazon Finds: Top Ten Favorites

Love talking about my top ten favorite Amazon finds – would love to know yours too in the comments below!Top Ten Favorite Amazon Finds

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Top Ten Favorite Amazon Finds

{first published March 2019 – updated for February 2020}



I like to keep a running list in my phone’s notes section of future blog ideas.

This is purely based off of questions I find myself answering the most, either through DMs or emails.

Anyway, I wrote down the idea for my top ten favorite Amazon finds so many times –  it feels great to finally remember to address it here today!

I first wrote this top ten list of Amazon favorites back in March of last year. 

Now, I just went back and updated it – but I’m happy to say everything here still makes the cut – with one exception..

We sold our beach house with the sweet little brass anchor door knocker (although I still love it)

However, I do have a new substitute for it – this little rechargeable eye brow trimmer is my latest, favorite Amazon find.

Below is a breakdown of all the rest!



My vanity mirror – Whether it’s to put on make up or put in my contact lenses, I use this two sided swivel vanity mirror every single day.

See more of my vanity set up here.


Blue and white porcelain fishbowl planter – We have two of these in our foyer, and I’m contemplating getting a few more for our back porch.

It’s worth noting I do not have the wooden stands, I think that’s just for the display shot.

Find them in my home here.


Luxury Eucalyptus Oil Steam Shower Spray –  This product is self descriptive, but I love this stuff!

I’ve mentioned this before, many times, most recently here.


The famous Amazon coat! – Still get tons of compliments and questions about this coat.

I joke that I don’t wear it if I’m not feeling very outgoing/friendly. You can see mine here.


Brass Anchor Door Knocker – It sounds a little silly, but so far, this is the best thing I’ve bought for our beach house renovation. It really is the little things…


Round Hand Braided Sea Grass Basket– Nice baskets can be very expensive, but this one from my home office is under $100. !


Top Ten Favorite Amazon Finds

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7. Brass Pineapple Door Bell – I mean, seriously, how cute is my doorbell?


8. Velvet suit hangers – Seriously the only hangers I’ll use, they save so much space and look so chic!

You can see mine here.


9. Stone Earth Ozeri Non – Stick Frying Pan – ever since my friend Julianne recommended these to me I’ve been hooked!

I’m not a cook, but she is!  Julianne’s Instagram is SO fun to follow, and now she’s got a shiny new site as well! Congrats Bee!


10. Popsocket -I’ve got this silly little thing on the back of my phone.

It love that it keeps me from dropping it and works to prop it up for watching stuff!




Top Ten Favorite Amazon Findseyebrow trimmer


PS: I’ve just updated my whole Amazon shop! You can find it here!

It’s got ALL my favorites in there, a lot more than just the top ten;)



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