April Favorites

flatware organizer  (gold flatware) (and the sparkly salad servers)

Favorite Finds From The Month Of April….


Hosting a Passover Seder last week highlighted how badly I needed to organize my flatware and other entertaining essentials. I’m so glad I finally followed through and ordered this flatware organizer above. It’s a huge upgrade from my previous system, which was basically to stick it all in a drawer – together with too many other random pieces. Now I know the next time we host a holiday, I’ll have everything neatly stored and it will be so much easier to find in a pinch.

My next favorite are these fun heart shaped sunglasses. Back in March, I tried on the designer version and loved them, but I couldn’t justify the crazy price for something so trendy. So when I spotted this pair on Amazon for only $10.99 I didn’t hesitate to get them. They look just like the designer version, for a fraction of the price, crazy! (If you’re curious about the real designer version, here’s a pic of me trying them on!)

Next up is a cute python print sleeveless silk top. Python is so on trend for spring this year, but I’ve always loved this print. The cut is very flattering and I can’t wait to wear it with both black pants and white jeans this summer. It looks great with regular jeans as well!

I was experimenting with an array of different face oils at night, but eventually went back to this one. Yes, Vintner’s Daughter Serum is very expensive, but I love it! Vintner’s Daughter smells amazing and feels great on my skin. I also love that it’s made with all natural botanicals and oils. My skin tends to be dry and can get a little irritated. I love how this product makes my skin feel so hyrdrated. I’m sticking to this serum, and using it before bed every night.

The last find for this month’s round up of favorites are a pair of gold hoop earrings I got at the end of March. I’m throwing them into this round up because I’ve ended up wearing them almost every day this month. I wanted a pair of big gold hoops, but once I put them on, they looked a little ridiculous on me. This pair is the right size for my comfort level and they’re super light and chic!

P.S. Last month’s favorite finds!



Heart Shaped Sunglasses in black


If you’re curious about the real designer version, here’s a pic of me trying them on!


Joie Sleeveless Python Print Branka Top


Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum


Jennifer Fisher Gold Hoop Earrings (aka the Goop Hoop)


And…I just realized I’m wearing these hoops in this photo of the heart shaped sunglasses AND the cute kimono from last month’s favorite round up as well!


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