At The Apthorp

While reading the Bergdorf Goodman fall “magalogue” this weekend,  I fell in love with all sorts of accessories and clothes…this was to be expected.  However, I was pleasantly taken off guard when I came across an ad for The Apthorp, a famous New York City landmark building on the upper west side.  Known for it’s unique courtyard and other European sensibilities, I was curious to see how this building was re-imagined and re-invented by designer Stephen Sills.  What I found on the building’s site did not disappoint, and now I’m coveting an apartment in this building right along with all of my other Bergdorf finds!

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  1. Great Post and Pics!!!



    Published on 9.6.11 · Reply
  2. Marie wrote:

    Wow, both spaces are welcoming and subtly making a statement.:D

    ***** Marie *****

    Published on 9.6.11 · Reply
  3. Kwana wrote:

    Oh now I want one. Fantastic.

    Published on 9.6.11 · Reply
  4. It is stunning. When I lived on the UWS, I used to pass by this building all the time. How I miss NYC!

    Published on 9.6.11 · Reply
  5. All right, this is my dream home. I'll stop looking anywhere else. Seriously, all the lines and use of space makes me swoon and I can easily imagine myself throwing parties or relaxing in that beautiful place.

    Published on 9.6.11 · Reply
  6. rooth wrote:

    Oh look at those ceilings! How divine

    Published on 9.6.11 · Reply
  7. Lovely!! My massive Bergdorfs catalogue is sitting in my kitchen – waiting for when I have a few quiet moments to drool over all the offerings – including this!!

    Published on 9.6.11 · Reply
  8. What's not to covet in an apt like this one?

    Published on 9.6.11 · Reply
  9. Such beautiful rooms. Big city life wouldn't be so bad if you lived here!
    Angela and Renee

    Published on 9.7.11 · Reply
  10. That apartment is spectacular…wow. Love that curvy sofa!

    Published on 9.7.11 · Reply
  11. Sketch42 wrote:

    Too funny. I was going to blog these last week! I actually toured the building when it was empty before the conversion to condos. Its IN-SANE.

    Published on 9.7.11 · Reply
  12. Ann wrote:

    Ok, you got me with the Saarinen table in the beautifully lit white kitchen. Ahhhh! I'm sure Bergdorf's delivers. I stayed at a hotel in downtown Dallas where Neiman Marcus was on speed dial ahead of room service. Unfortunately, my husband wouldn't let me go near that phone!

    Published on 9.8.11 · Reply