Birthday Ramblings

Today, I thought I would revisit this post I did on my Birthday last year…
I’m feeling quite nostalgic. Looking at images of design and fashion from the decade I was born, the Sixties. 

 Good to know that I’m younger than this Terrence Conran Habitat chair.

 And, one of the first “Super Models”, Twiggy.


Once I started this trip down memory lane, I couldn’t stop…I started to look up design and fashion elements from The Seventies.

These photos really take me back, to a time when Levi’s were sold at the Gap. 

Not to mention…Love’s Baby Soft! Even though this ad is disturbing on so many different levels, I had to include it. It was my first perfume, and I wore copious amounts of it everyday.
Then, I found these, on There was so much to choose from….I couldn’t pick just one. But for me, these two really sum up seventies interiors quite nicely. That phone! The colors! Those hairstyles!
Which naturally brought me to The Eighties.

 All that Aztec style stuff, and mauve, green and gray….yikes!

As for fashion and style, for me, in the eighties (or at least the early eighties) it was all about HER!

Moving right along to the Nineties…

I really just wanted Monica’s apartment,

and, Rachel’s hair!

In Manhattan, kate spade came on the scene. I used to tote around my original kate spade black nylon boxy square bag…I still have it (somewhere). 



and, it seemed these things were everywhere…..


And now, the oughts, the oughties, the preceding ten years (still not sure what to call it)


Say what you will, they have had a HUGE influence on fashion (and I kinda like them).

Of course, it seems a little too soon to know for sure what will really depict these times as far as interiors goes…but I thought the above photos were a good start. 
When I first had the idea for this post, I thought I’d be depicting beautiful rooms and interiors through out the decades. 
But, after looking at some of the truly greats, (David Hicks, Sister Parish, Mark Hampton), to name just a few, what became clear to me, was that a truly lovely interior stands the test of time.
It’s hard to know for sure, when in fact, it was “done”. 
Perusing the fabulous images of the stars of the decor world, it was hard to know (without the text)  what decade they were designed in. 
I guess that is what truly defines a classic, it’s timeless! And, when it comes to design and style…isn’t that what we are all looking for?

So, there you go. Happy Birthday to me.
{vintage 1967}

PS: Summer Birthday Gift Ideas.

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  1. Happy birthday dear.
    This post is a trip down memory lane for me too.I'm born in the sixties.
    Have a fab day.


    Published on 1.15.11 · Reply
  2. Debby wrote:

    Happy Birthday, Sue! This post was so much fun… I loved Love's Baby Soft…. it was my first perfume too… I can almost smell it. You were as adorable back then as you are now. xo

    Published on 1.15.11 · Reply
  3. You were a hottie even then, Sue, look at that expression! πŸ˜‰ FABULOUS post, loved it! I love retro stuff so much, that Prada backpack, omg! And the Kate Spade bag, lol! And those Kate Spades were so easy to knock off, so you saw the tacky ones with the lopsided labels everywhere. This made my day, happy belated! XX!

    Published on 1.15.11 · Reply
  4. You totally just took me through my life!
    Loves Baby Soft!! Madonna!!
    Happy Birthday to you. Put on some old school Madonna and dance around in front of the mirror! πŸ™‚

    Published on 1.15.11 · Reply
  5. Happy Birthday, Sue!
    Your post brought back tons of memories as well!
    I agree, here is to the classics and timeless beauty!


    Published on 1.15.11 · Reply
  6. Happy Birthday- all the best-
    The ugly house photo is such a Jewish grandmother Boca Raton bedroom-

    Published on 1.15.11 · Reply
  7. oh, that last photo is the best of all! and a dressy bessy! you were/are adorable.

    thanks for sharing your birthday (and most of your days) with us. love ya'! happy b-day! donna

    Published on 1.15.11 · Reply
  8. Such a cool post and a great way to commemorate your birthday! Funny, I remember that ad for Love's Baby Soft and never thought anything about it back then, but when I saw it here I was instantly…I don't know…shocked? Thanks for the little trip down memory lane…YOUR style is timeless too, my dear.

    Love the sweet photo of you at the end. xo

    Published on 1.15.11 · Reply
  9. This was so so fun and I loved your little tour through the ages…and PS, that add, you're right…holy disturbing batman- Have a fabulous birthday and thanks for the Saturday morning fun! xo

    Published on 1.15.11 · Reply
  10. Sue, thanks for the trip through time with you.. amazing what a few years can do to our perspective! Your last picture is so adorable!

    happy happy birthday

    xoxo Kit

    Published on 1.15.11 · Reply
  11. Kathysue wrote:

    Happy Happy Bday Sue, it was so fun to peruse the decades with you. Funny how things change isn't it? Loved this post,Kathysue

    Published on 1.15.11 · Reply
  12. cityfarmer wrote:

    oh you little young thang' you …happy happy day

    Published on 1.15.11 · Reply
  13. Katie wrote:

    Happy Birthday! Love your blog so much. I'm so glad you added Twiggy in there I just love her!

    Published on 1.15.11 · Reply
  14. Happy, happy birthday!!!!

    Published on 1.15.11 · Reply
  15. Have a fabulous birthday, sweetie! And I just love this post. I so enjoyed your trip along memory lane. Have fun today! πŸ™‚ xoxo

    Published on 1.15.11 · Reply
  16. Fabulous Post. Happy Birthday!

    ~ ~

    Published on 1.15.11 · Reply
  17. Happy Birthday Sue!! Your picture is too cute and I loved all the flashbacks. Especially Love's Baby Soft!! I loved that stuff!! xo sissy

    Published on 1.15.11 · Reply
  18. Fun tour – but you saved the best for last!! And so true about the interiors – timeless classic is always the best. A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!

    Published on 1.15.11 · Reply
  19. Melanie wrote:

    Happy Birthday!and I love the Olsen Twins too, I even have their book πŸ™‚ Hope it's a great day for you!

    Published on 1.15.11 · Reply
  20. Kwana wrote:

    Wonderful post! Happy birthday to you. You share it with my dear twins. thanks for the fun time walk. Enjoy!

    Published on 1.15.11 · Reply
  21. Stitchfork wrote:

    Happy Birthday Sue! Ahhh, Love's Baby Soft!
    Enjoy your day!!

    Published on 1.15.11 · Reply
  22. Happy Birthday Sue! I loved this look down memory lane. I was also born in the 60's. I loved my Dressy Bessy and Love's Baby Soft! So funny to see these things again.

    Published on 1.15.11 · Reply
  23. Happy Birthday, Sue !! You have given me quite a laugh this morning. Stay coooool.

    Published on 1.15.11 · Reply
  24. Awesome recap of a few wonderful decades! Today I just bought a new shirt that is definitely a late 80's early 90's silhouette and I thought to myself…so this is what its like to live through a style trend twice (I was born 1985). Kinda fun though!

    Published on 1.15.11 · Reply
  25. happy birthday to you!!!
    have a wonderful one!

    Published on 1.15.11 · Reply
  26. Happy birthday! Love this post of decade by decade summary of fashion and decor. Have a lovely weekend, Kellie xx

    Published on 1.15.11 · Reply
  27. Nutbird wrote:

    What a cutie you were! And you still are. But I can't figure out the math. I thought you were in your late thirties. Anyway, I love the decade analysis. It would be fun if you expanded on that, ie. the best toy, best outfit, hottest color. Remember when purple became a color? Before, it was just worn by royalty and really old ladies. You zhush up my life, Sue. Ann

    Published on 1.15.11 · Reply
  28. Happy birthday, Sue! The Friends bit made me laugh!

    Published on 1.15.11 · Reply
  29. Belly wrote:

    Happy birthday, Sue! Like vintage wine, you seem to only get better and better. To another year of inspiration and loveliness. Cheers! -Chedva

    Published on 1.15.11 · Reply
  30. Feliz cumpleaΓ±os Susan!!!!
    un fuerte abrazo,

    Published on 1.15.11 · Reply
  31. I'll be your other twin the on the sentiment of the Olsen girls πŸ™‚ I agree and wish you a double the pleasure, double your fun kind of day! XO

    Published on 1.15.11 · Reply
  32. Fabulous time capsule post!

    Published on 1.15.11 · Reply
  33. Loved going back with you! Happy Birthday, Sue! My sister Susan was born in 68 so a lot of your memories are hers (and mine) as well. That Madonna photo is just etched in my brain.

    Hope you've had a great day!

    Published on 1.15.11 · Reply
  34. Happy birthday wonderful lady! You certainly have lived a life of flair and style!

    Published on 1.16.11 · Reply
  35. Happy Birthday!!!! I am a child of the 70s…barely, as I was born in 1970…so I relate to so many of the images you posted. Dressy Bessy in particular brought back a lot of memories. Hope the next decade creates just as sweet memories!

    – Holly

    Published on 1.16.11 · Reply
  36. Raina Cox wrote:

    "You say it's your birthday
    It's my birthday too, yeah
    They say it's your birthday
    We're gonna have a good time
    I'm glad it's your birthday
    Happy birthday to you."

    (I hope I don't have to pay Sir Paul for that.)

    Published on 1.16.11 · Reply
  37. Happy Birthday Sue – hope it was fun! I had completely forgotten about Baby Soft but that ad brought back memories.

    Published on 1.16.11 · Reply
  38. I was born in the sixties too….ok 1960! Still sort of hurts knowing I've entered a new decade….AGAIN! I hope your birthday yesterday was everything you wished for!

    Published on 1.16.11 · Reply
  39. sweet ! And you ARE nostalgic……

    Published on 1.16.11 · Reply
  40. Que los cumplas FelΓ­z Sue!!! Fabulous photographic journey! Loved it! Hope all your desires come true! XoXo

    Published on 1.16.11 · Reply
  41. Jenny wrote:

    Happy, happy Birthday! My first perfume was Love's Baby Soft – but you are right, that ad is so disturbing in a Toddlers and Tiaras sort of way. I wanted Monica's apartment too…

    Published on 1.16.11 · Reply
  42. 1967 is such a great vintage! :0

    Happy, happy birthday, Sue!!! I know i'm a day late, but hoping that since it's still the weekend, you're still being celebrated and feted, as you should be.

    Love's Baby Soft really takes me back.

    Here's to you…and the beginning of what will be a great year!!!
    xoxo Elizabeth

    Published on 1.16.11 · Reply
  43. Stacey wrote:

    Happy Birthday Sue! What a fun post! XX

    Published on 1.17.11 · Reply
  44. Happy birthday! And I can't help it, the ad with Dressy Bessy and Dapper Don makes me thing of Mad Men… Bessy (Betty) and Dapper Don (Draper Don). Or maybe I need more coffee? Either way, happy birthday! πŸ™‚

    Published on 1.17.11 · Reply
  45. Happy Birthday to you dear Sue!! I hope you have such an amazing and successful year to come. Thanks for being such a great blog-friend πŸ™‚
    Nancy xo

    Published on 1.17.11 · Reply
  46. Josie wrote:

    Happy birthday, my dear! Wishing you all the best — and this post was fantastic!
    xo Josie

    Published on 1.17.11 · Reply
  47. Happy belated bday, Sue! And thanks for this walk down memory lane. Love's Baby Soft! OMG, I so remember everyone having that! Madonna, Kate Spade bags, Monica's apartment on Friends – I remember it well. πŸ™‚ PS I like the Olsen twins too. Their clothing lines are actually two of my favorites. Who would have thought?

    Published on 1.19.11 · Reply
  48. Happy Birthday Sue! What a fun trip down memory lane — thank you!

    Published on 1.20.11 · Reply
  49. Happy belated! Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Love it all. I can still smell that Love's Baby Soft…

    Published on 1.20.11 · Reply