Black + White: The Ultimate Neutral

I first ran across the work of popular Canadian interior designer, Jennifer Ferreira, on Marcus Design.  Viewing Ms. Ferreira’s portfolio, what struck me the most, was the constrained color palette.  Almost every image was of stunningly simple black and white.  It’s clear why this classic combo has held up through the years.  Do you enjoy a more colorful home, or could you see yourself possibly sticking to such an austere yet dramatically beautiful scheme? Very Coco Chanel, no?

Images via: Jennifer Ferreira Designs

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  1. Urska M. wrote:

    Black & white + zebraaa <3 my favorite for life 🙂 Already checked her portfolio – truly stunning stuff indeed! thanks for sharing.. Ox

    – Urska @

    Published on 8.10.11 · Reply
  2. Cara wrote:

    love every room but the last 😉

    Published on 8.10.11 · Reply
  3. Karena wrote:

    Black and white is so striking and I would of course add pops of brilliant color with accessories. Vases, pillows etc.


    Art by Karena

    Published on 8.10.11 · Reply
  4. Kerry wrote:

    I am very drawn to black and white rooms. Much more so than rooms that use bold colorblocking, yet oddly my house is rather colorful. In the future I might be able to steer a room in my house to the simpler side.

    Published on 8.10.11 · Reply
  5. I absolutely love black and white rooms but I need some natural elements throw in to make it a little warmer

    Published on 8.10.11 · Reply
  6. court. wrote:

    I'm strictly B&W. One trick pony over here….

    Published on 8.10.11 · Reply
  7. I could stand a black and white room !

    Published on 8.10.11 · Reply
  8. Dora wrote:

    I love her work.I really like the wall pattern in the first photo 🙂

    Published on 8.10.11 · Reply
  9. I prefer a lack of color. My last house was full of color and I enjoyed it but now I live in a mostly white roomed house and I find it sooo relaxing.

    Published on 8.10.11 · Reply
  10. Kathysue wrote:

    Sue you are singing my song. Love love black and white. I have it as the grounding factor in most of the rooms in my home. I have always had black and white somewhere in my home. I use it as an addition in most of my rooms, but in my guest bath it is the star. Dorothy Draper knew what she was doing with all of her wonderful rooms grounded with this wonderful color scheme!! Kathysue

    Published on 8.10.11 · Reply
  11. Love black and white but I would definiteky add a pop of color here and there – pink peonies, a pillow, a lamp… Celerie Kemble is coming out with a new book about black and white interiors – can't wait!

    Published on 8.10.11 · Reply
  12. I Dream Of wrote:

    Gorgeous. I agree, very Coco chic. Makes me wish I had a little pied-a-terre that I could decorate in pure black and white…in Paris perhaps!

    Published on 8.10.11 · Reply
  13. Love that top photo and couldn't agree more about the chic timelessness of black and white decor. Right now, my fiance and I are rocking a warm grey with black, white, and red accents. Love it! It won't be our forever decor… but it is perfect for right now!

    Published on 8.10.11 · Reply
  14. Wow, I love all these rooms. I have a lot of black and white in my home, I will start considering it a neutral.

    Published on 8.10.11 · Reply
  15. LOVE restrained neutrals and "stepped on" colors – I couldn't live with primary brights but appreciate them in others' work!

    Published on 8.10.11 · Reply
  16. So. Darn. Chic!!!!!!!!! Love black and white. It always looks right.

    xoxo e

    Published on 8.10.11 · Reply
  17. Black and white is so classic and we love the look in a room; however, not for the entire house. Maybe we should take our own advice for our wardrobes…if you look in our closets you would think we are zebras.
    Angela and Renee

    Published on 8.10.11 · Reply
  18. designchic wrote:

    So chic and sophisticated, and add a touch of gold…perfection!!

    Published on 8.10.11 · Reply
  19. CDS wrote:

    It's pretty but i don't think i could live like this…but in someone else's space…beautiful!

    Published on 8.11.11 · Reply
  20. Kerri wrote:

    Ah, the beauty of black and white. I love it for its versatility – you can add more neutrals and texture to warm it up, and bright pops of colour work equally well. Can't go past a good b&w scheme in my opinion. K xx

    Published on 8.11.11 · Reply
  21. Tracey wrote:

    So classic you just can't go wrong!

    Published on 8.11.11 · Reply
  22. so classic! I love black and white. I don't know if I could adhere to it though – I'd probably sneak a pop of colour in somewhere unintentionally 🙂

    Published on 8.11.11 · Reply
  23. Thanks so much for the link love Sue!! I adore Jennifer's WHOLE portfolio. I could so live in those classic and chic B&W spaces.
    Nancy xo

    Published on 8.11.11 · Reply
  24. Oh my goodness! That zebra rug is to die for – and I don't usually go for animal prints!

    Published on 8.12.11 · Reply
  25. LisaMende wrote:

    personally i love black and white with a pop of color!

    Published on 8.13.11 · Reply