Blue and White Perfection
I love everything about this serene and breezy photo….from the dip dyed hippy dippy drapes to the Jonathan Adler white bird bowl, the smooth clean white floors and that cute little stool.  Perfection!
Last year, Homes and Gardens, did a piece on Blue and White decor that really spoke to me.  I love blue and white interiors, and this spread was beautiful.  I often come back and look at this photo, so I thought I would share it here.  
Below are a few more of my favorite shots from the Homes and Gardens piece, which was styled by Emma Thomas and photographed by Jan Baldwin.

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  1. PeyPey wrote:

    Ooo! I love the architecture drawing room with the minimalistic white desk. New reader here! Found your blog over on Enjoying your fashionable posts!

    Published on 1.12.10 · Reply
  2. Ianny wrote:

    Very cool and soothing, is what blue and white is.

    If you are thinking of a natural progression to this color palette, try nautical- theme. You can pick enlarged photography of jellyfish, sea dragons or dolphins for a start. And then there are maritime knick knacks you can add on. Plenty of accessories to create an unusual decor theme for your home!

    Published on 4.23.10 · Reply
  3. Maggie wrote:

    Yes, this is fantastic and it does not have to be on a Greek island dream home. It can be done right now right where you live. So much to be inspired from!

    Published on 6.1.10 · Reply
  4. Belly wrote:

    This color combo speaks right to my heart.

    Published on 10.4.10 · Reply
  5. you have pretty states 🙂

    Published on 10.23.12 · Reply