Book Review: Beautiful By Mark D. SIkes

Beautiful By Mark D. SIkes Book Cover

Beautiful By Mark D. SIkes


I’ve been checking my mail box for the last few days, waiting for my review copy of Mark D. Sikes first book, Beautiful: All-American Decorating and Timeless Style. That’s just a small indication of how excited I am about this book!

As a big fan of Mark’s fabulous interiors (I’ve written about them before here and here) I’ll often turn to Mark’s chic body of work as inspiration for my own home.

So it’s especially convenient to have all of his best hits perfectly captured in this new book.

The title really sums up my idea of Mark’s style…all American and timeless for sure and of course, always beautiful!

Here’s just a very small sample of some of my favorites from Beautiful: All-American Decorating and Timeless Style




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  1. I have invisible doors like that second photo, but I've never seen them in the U.S.
    These are very pretty shots. I'll have to get hold of this book!

    Published on 9.19.16 · Reply
  2. Kathysue wrote:

    Mine is on it's way and I can hardly wait to peruse the pages!!

    Published on 9.19.16 · Reply
  3. My collection os coffee tables books is already big enough, you shouldn't have shown this images. 😉

    Published on 9.20.16 · Reply