Brighter Than The Sun

Ooooh, this is how it’s done…after completely over dosing (in a good way) on all the New York Fashion Week coverage of Spring 2012, I know one thing for sure…I’m going to be wearing a lot of yellow (starting now).  It’s clearly such a happy, sunny hue.  What was your favorite trend?

{Jil Sander, I die}

Not sure how to work the yellow trend?  Try just a little unexpected pop (my favorite look).

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  1. Cara wrote:

    LOVE that 1st JS dress!
    Lilac and Grey

    Published on 9.20.11 · Reply
  2. Debby wrote:

    Love the JS jacket! xo

    Published on 9.20.11 · Reply
  3. great post.yellow has been my fav colour for some time now. i noticed somewhere a knit yellow top from lam's collection.on habitually chic i think.that was gorgeous!

    Published on 9.20.11 · Reply
  4. Great Post!!!



    Published on 9.20.11 · Reply
  5. Love this sunny gorgeousness!

    Published on 9.20.11 · Reply
  6. I Dream Of wrote:

    Couldn't agree more. Love all the yellow on the runway — and orange, too. We'll have a whole crayon box to choose from come spring!

    Published on 9.20.11 · Reply
  7. yay for yellow! I'm so glad the pops of neon are sticking around!

    Published on 9.20.11 · Reply
  8. Evie wrote:

    I love this trend! I want, no let's make it a NEED, a bright yellow pencil skirt for fall….and ok…maybe a hot pink one too.

    Published on 9.20.11 · Reply
  9. I was always told I shouldn't wear yellow because of my skin tone. I thought that was always strange. I'm more open to trying it now that I'm older and less inclined to listen to what people say. Love these pieces. Swoon!

    Published on 9.20.11 · Reply
  10. Kathysue wrote:

    I have worn this color for years and it is one of my favs with black and white or navy. In the summer I love it with turquoise!! I even bought the same cardigan twice because it is always in the laundry so I need two. Kathysue

    Published on 9.20.11 · Reply
  11. oh my gosh that inspiration board is awesome. Love those earrings, both tops, and that bag. gorgeous.

    Published on 9.20.11 · Reply
  12. Big fan of the bright lemon yellow with tan!

    Was also very surprised by all the bright blues!

    Published on 9.20.11 · Reply
  13. My love affair with yellow continues….

    Published on 9.20.11 · Reply
  14. CDS wrote:

    Those earrings and the top at the bottom are so so pretty! Love yellow!

    Published on 9.21.11 · Reply
  15. Great color! Love the blouse!

    Published on 9.22.11 · Reply
  16. I love yellow!


    Published on 9.28.11 · Reply