Buying Art Online


I shop for so many different things for my home online, that it only makes sense that I would shop for artwork this way as well. It’s so important to remember to take really careful measurements whenever and wherever you buy your art, but perhaps more so online, where the actual size of a piece might not be as apparent as it would be, if you were standing right in front of it. Aside from that, I do love the convenience of having my latest art finds delivered right to my door. Here are some of my favorite places to shop for art online:

1. Etsy– Poke around to get some amazing deals and maybe even discover a new “up and comer”.

2. Ebay-Since there is a lot to cover here as well, try narrowing your search on the Ebay site to something more specific like “abstract prints on canvas”.

3. Uncommon Goods– They have a great selection of wall art, which you can find here, a lot of very unique and artistic home decor finds, that you can see here and they also support a lot of local artists (out of New York) with this selection here.


4. Dwell Studio– A bit pricier than the other options, they do have some really choice pieces.
5.– Another site with an endless amount of styles, there is something for almost everyone.
6. 1st Dibs-Probably the priciest of them all, but there are some sneaky deals to be found. It’s also great for getting some inspiration and ideas before you hit up numbers 1-5. Good Luck!
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