Catherine Zeta Jones Loves Scrunchies….

Do you?
I don’t.
The great Scrunchie debate rages on…
(The Zhush, is digging deep this week!).
If this gorgeous lady is proving one thing, it’s that despite what you may have heard or read, Scrunchies should not be making a comeback!  Just because neon and leggings are being revived from the eighties, doesn’t mean this look should be allowed to resurface.
Apparently, it’s not just the celebrities.  American Apparel is selling all sorts of styles at a steady clip!

Honestly, I understand the appeal.  Scrunchies are so comfortable, and they don’t rip or tear your hair.  Hey, I even have a bunch myself.  I use them when I exercise, or wash my face.  However, I would never leave the house wearing a Scrunchie.  To me, that would be the equivalent of walking around town in a Snuggie!
Instead, I discovered a much better solution.
Bop Bijoux’s Hair Tie Set
available @ ShopBop.
Aren’t they cute?  And, look how great they look on your wrist! 
A much chicer and sleeker alternative, don’t you think?
I do!
images: CatherineZetaJones and SiennaMiller via StyleList; AmericanApparel:ShopBop

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  1. pve design wrote:

    Thank-you. I posted your wonderful inspiration book today as part of the "Creative Collection" series.
    The schrunchie is the reason I opted for shorter hair. I love your metaphor. I hope I do not see the snuggie in public.

    Published on 2.2.10 · Reply
  2. Karena wrote:

    Thanks so much for reminding that not every thing should make a comeback!! I love your choices from Shop Bop! Cute! I suppose scrunchies would be okay for the gym.

    Published on 2.2.10 · Reply
  3. Oh my I totally agree with you—I would never leave the house wearing a schunchie…I think we should all say goodbye to the schrunchie. This fits in the category of what I call "Just because you CAN wear it, doesnt mean you should." I love your stylish alternative as well!

    Published on 2.2.10 · Reply
  4. The scrunchie…please NO!!! What's next? Appliqued sweatshirts?

    Published on 2.2.10 · Reply
  5. No never schrunching- but I have the tie dye set-LOVE them, much better for hair too, and yes nice touches on the wrist-I've been asked about them mistaken for bracelets.

    Published on 2.2.10 · Reply
  6. Debra wrote:

    I have to admit that I used scrunchies when they first hit the shops-but have since tossed. I do like these ties and will shop NOW! With a purse like that {although it needs a slight adjustment}
    …who is looking at the scrunchie?

    Published on 2.2.10 · Reply
  7. Scrunchies should be illegal. Glad I found your blog – thank you, once again PVE!

    Published on 2.3.10 · Reply
  8. I'm surprised to see they even make them… when I see someone wearing them I assume they found it somewhere in their house… 😉

    Published on 2.3.10 · Reply
  9. Kim Bishop wrote:

    Scrunchies scream 90s to me. I used to have some but they're long gone. I go for skinny black fabric elastics now.

    Published on 2.6.10 · Reply
  10. Anonymous wrote:

    Why such a fuss about a scrunchie for goodness sake. Catherine Z J looks beautiful.
    i actually think they look fine, no problem. & if you fave fine, super thine, hair & use a scrunchie it disguises that. a super thin fine hair bun looks far worse.

    Published on 12.4.10 · Reply
  11. Tabitha wrote:

    Proud scrunchie wearer! It's such a quick easy way for me to put my hair up, I've never gotten rid of mine.

    Published on 12.21.10 · Reply
  12. Anonymous wrote:

    i have fine thin hair so a scrunchy is better in a dark colour it disguises my thin hair better.
    i think they look fine anyway.
    Catherine Z-J looks perfect in hers.

    Published on 4.6.11 · Reply