Channeling Diana Vreeland

Why don’t you replace all your flame tipped light bulbs in your chandalier
with round vanity light bulbs?

So I did!

I hope she speaks to me again…soon!

She makes the smallest detail important.
                                         -Andy Warhol

*images via:  KishaniPerera via DesireToInspire; Domino via TravelForDesign; TheZhush; GoogleImages

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  1. LOVE Vreeland and LOVE your chandelier! How sweet is your vanity and all that gorgeous wallpaper?! Can't get enough!!! XO

    Published on 2.22.10 · Reply
  2. paula wrote:

    looks gorgeous. I did this in a home I helped decorate and just adored it.

    Published on 2.22.10 · Reply
  3. Fee-AMore wrote:

    Wow, it looks great with the round vanity light bulbs! And i adore your wall paper and ceiling! What a match!

    Published on 2.22.10 · Reply
  4. Karena wrote:

    I like it, I would never have thought of that!!



    Published on 2.22.10 · Reply
  5. What a great idea…and how lucky are you to have such a beautiful vanity area!

    Published on 2.22.10 · Reply
  6. this would never have occurred to me and yet i absolutely love it! just found your blog and already loving it. the wallpapered furniture a few posts down is spectacular!

    Published on 2.22.10 · Reply
  7. Marija wrote:

    Such a small detail with such big impact! Love it! Perfect for your pretty space!! Marija

    Published on 2.22.10 · Reply
  8. Great idea! I'm going to suggest this to my mom for her chandelier. I'm eagerly awaiting my copy of D.V to arrive, can't wait to learn more about her!

    Published on 2.22.10 · Reply
  9. it looks fantastic. very nice!!

    Published on 2.22.10 · Reply
  10. it does make all the difference! i love it!


    Published on 2.22.10 · Reply
  11. Very cool idea, looks fabulous! Glad I found your blog, loving the purple kitchen in your previous post. I am in Fairfield County- not far from you.

    Published on 2.23.10 · Reply
  12. I have a chandelier in my studio that came with that style of bulb. It is so simple and easy and yet I never thought to do it! Ever since I bought that chandelier two years ago I have been putting them in all my fixtures. Great post!

    Published on 2.23.10 · Reply
  13. Becky wrote:

    I love that transformation! Is that your bedroom?

    Published on 2.23.10 · Reply
  14. Just lovely!!! x

    Published on 2.23.10 · Reply
  15. Looks so good…and what a fantastic space you have!!!

    Published on 2.23.10 · Reply
  16. Great chandelier! I wonder what kind of bulbs we will be using in the near future for all our chandeliers, I just cannot bear the ghostly glow of the LED bulbs…

    Published on 2.23.10 · Reply
  17. Cristin wrote:

    Looks amazing! Get eye you have.


    Published on 2.23.10 · Reply
  18. Abbie wrote:

    LOVE the chandelier!!

    Published on 2.26.10 · Reply
  19. Just learned something new! Thanks! Time to make my chandi modern : )

    Published on 3.1.10 · Reply
  20. Oh, I need to try that!!

    Published on 6.15.10 · Reply