Classically Inspired

leopard print ottoman, le corbusier chairs

We are in the midst of updating our family room.  If you follow my Instagram feed, then you might’ve seen a few of the updates so far, along with some concerns I have that some pieces aren’t working… With half the new furniture in and half the furniture remaining to be ordered, I’m starting to second guess every decision in the process.  Given the amount of time we spend in our family room, I’m feeling the pressure to get this room just right. Whenever I’m truly panicked about design decisions I take to Pinterest, for some inspiration…that’s where I found these interiors, all by Allen Kirsch and Associates.  Nothing here looks overly decorated or forced and everything is based on classic design elements.  It’s fresh and yet it’s traditional, “of the moment” without being too trendy, and that’s exactly what I’m shooting for…

bold abstract art, lucite end table, sisal carpet
sea foam kitchen, white marble counters
floral traditional dining room with modern lighting