Color Pop

When it comes to choosing paint colors, wallpaper and rugs, I always prefer to stay in “neutral” territory.  Although I do like to (almost) always see some color in a room, I prefer to add it with pops. Whether it be through art, accessorized accents, coded bookcase styling or even a brightly painted door, adding some fun color to a space infuses it with personality.  I was recently reminded of this design truism, gazing at the lovely work of Cynthia Brooks Design.  I especially love the book case styling here, something I’m always puttering around with in my own home.


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    Published on 4.23.13 · Reply
  2. designchic wrote:

    What wonderful styling – just love the color the bookcase adds to the room – loving the side table too!!

    Published on 4.24.13 · Reply
  3. She uses beautiful pops of color in her design…

    Published on 4.24.13 · Reply
  4. Meghan wrote:

    I favour neutrals with paint colour too but that shade of blue/grey on the bookcase is sublime!

    Published on 4.24.13 · Reply
  5. I loooove the book idea!

    Published on 4.27.13 · Reply