The Cool Factor

The other day, I was talking with some friends about interior design (shocking, I know!).  I was openly admiring designers that are able to take disparate objects, from different periods, and somehow make them all work together.  When done right, rooms always give off such a fresh and really cool vibe.  It takes a confident eye and a bit of imagination. To illustrate this point I had to look no further than the work of Molly Luetkemeyer, of M design interiors.  She seems to really have this “cool factor” down!

Images via:  M design interiors

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  1. Erika wrote:

    i featured that first room last year or so – TOTAL PUNCH POWER!

    *kiss kiss*
    Erika @ ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

    Published on 8.4.11 · Reply
  2. Love this! The first image is my favorite-that chandelier! Those dining room chairs are so great I love how she took the fabric and wrapped it on the legs!

    Published on 8.4.11 · Reply
  3. Wives wrote:

    OH my GAH! SOOOOOO cool, thanks for sharing the images Sue. Love her use of that C&B Paloma table (which, btw, always looked way too cool for C&B) and all those fun papers. But that first image takes the cake. It's like Beverly Hills hotel meets safari meets Amazon River Basin. LOVE LOVE LOVE

    Published on 8.4.11 · Reply
  4. I Dream Of wrote:

    My favorite style of design. Mixing and juxtaposing seemingly unrelated things and making it work. You are right, it takes a sharp eye. And looks so good here!

    Published on 8.4.11 · Reply
  5. One of my all time favourite portfolios- just ADORE her work…that pink bedroom makes my heart go pitter patter!

    Published on 8.4.11 · Reply
  6. The orange lamps in the pink bedroom WORK. Who would've thought? I'm loving that bedroom and what looks like grasscloth wallpaper. LOVELOVE it!

    Published on 8.4.11 · Reply
  7. New to her designs and totally obsessed! Love her use of color, detail, textiles and pattern.

    Published on 8.4.11 · Reply
  8. Gorgeous rooms! I adore 'the mix' in interiors, gives such character to a room.

    Published on 8.4.11 · Reply
  9. Good design in decor is always cool and hot!
    Add a point of view that is your own, and it's magic.
    Love this!
    xo xo

    Published on 8.4.11 · Reply
  10. Oh my GOURD. That first room is crazy awesome.

    Published on 8.4.11 · Reply
  11. heck yes, she does! spectacular rooms! thanks for introducing ~

    Published on 8.4.11 · Reply
  12. I would love to move into that first room! Love it!

    I definitely do the mix myself. Nothing like taking the best from each time period and putting it together.

    Published on 8.4.11 · Reply
  13. Jessie wrote:

    That first room is my all time favorite inspiration! It packs a punch and so gorgeous on so many levels!


    Published on 8.4.11 · Reply
  14. I really adore the Henri Rousseau inspired mural in the first interior shown, and this designer is a great colourist!


    Published on 8.4.11 · Reply
  15. WE love the last two… the colors explode however are soothing!
    Thank you for sharing!
    Hope your week has been wonderful!

    Renee and Angela

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    Published on 8.4.11 · Reply
  16. Wallpaper in first + second photos are TO DIE FOR. xo Lola

    Published on 8.4.11 · Reply
  17. Beautiful work! It's fantastic to not only design a space like that but have a client that is willing to have fun with their interiors.

    Published on 8.4.11 · Reply
  18. I'd say bold and beautiful! The M must stand for marvelous, too!

    Published on 8.4.11 · Reply
  19. David Toms wrote:

    All these are fabulous and go from one extreme to another. Love them all

    Published on 8.5.11 · Reply
  20. I really love Molly's work, one of my fav entry ways is designed by her, she really has bold and unexpected style!! Love.
    Nancy xo

    Published on 8.5.11 · Reply
  21. pve design wrote:

    i also love Jen West from Jentrified….she always adds a dose of groove to her interiors.

    Published on 8.5.11 · Reply
  22. Wives wrote:

    Can I just tell you I keep coming back to look at that first image with the green wallpaper. SO wonderful

    Published on 8.5.11 · Reply
  23. These rooms are sooo appealing and definitely have the cool factor. Thank you for the intro to Molly!

    Published on 8.5.11 · Reply
  24. I am drooling over these roooms. What an awesome collection..

    Published on 8.6.11 · Reply