A Day In The Life

Long before I started writing The Zhush, I was an avid reader of Camila Pavone’s inspiring blog. Back then it was called “High Heeled Foot In The Door.” Nowadays, Camila is a professional designer, and her blog is known as Effortless Style. One of my favorite features has always been the “In Her Shoes” series, where readers get to see a typical day in the life of someone in a design related field.  So, imagine how thrilled I was when Camila asked me to participate in this very series last week! You can see the whole post here. Thanks Camila!

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  1. Cara wrote:

    One of my FAVE posts! I can't believe you have a customized License plate and SHOES! I totally want!

    Published on 6.13.12 · Reply
  2. Fun reading about your day. I have the custom license plate but I need some shoes for my business…how fun! I have t-shirts for it but needed those for a softball team. Hey I'll advertise on anything these days.


    Published on 6.13.12 · Reply
  3. Young Huh wrote:

    I Love this post!! Thanks for sharing all the ups and downs and anxieties of your day. It's inspiring to read about how you manage your busy life while remaining chic and fabulous!

    Published on 6.13.12 · Reply
  4. Definitely heading over to read it! I love those posts!:)

    Published on 6.13.12 · Reply
  5. i LOVED reading this post – nice to know we all lead these crazy but oh so fulfilling lives!!

    Published on 6.13.12 · Reply
  6. Since I know what kind of shoes you wear, I'm off to read more…

    Published on 6.13.12 · Reply
  7. Marianne wrote:

    Just finished reading your guest post and absolutely loved it! You do it all with such style and grace! Fabulous! xo

    Published on 6.13.12 · Reply
  8. How fun! Off I go…

    Published on 6.13.12 · Reply
  9. congrats!!!!!!! i am going to check it out!

    Published on 6.13.12 · Reply
  10. Love your custom sneaks & vanity plate as well – The Zhush is everywhere!!

    Published on 6.13.12 · Reply
  11. A perfect pair! Camila is awesome 😉 And I'm still dreaming about those custom kicks…

    Published on 6.14.12 · Reply
  12. Published on 6.14.12 · Reply
  13. Loved this post on you Sue!!! Don't know how you do it!


    Published on 6.15.12 · Reply
  14. Sue,
    Loved reading this and congrats on the HGTV segment! The sneakers made me laugh…out loud!!! I want to know what the striped skirted table is for by the shoes???

    Published on 6.15.12 · Reply
  15. Julip Made wrote:

    Yay! One of my favorite series and now with one of my favorite bloggers. Heading over now!

    Published on 6.19.12 · Reply