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  1. Emma wrote:

    The wallpaper in this bathroom is so eye-catching and the wall sconce matches so well. The more I see of grass cloth wallpaper, the more I like it–and the more I think of happy, sunny beaches!

    Published on 2.6.14 · Reply
  2. That wallpaper is just beautiful!

    Published on 2.6.14 · Reply
  3. Katy Byrne wrote:

    Loved your post! Thanks again!

    Published on 2.6.14 · Reply
  4. Just saw your post, what a beautiful option, I love the pale blue. We had grass cloth walls in my old bedroom and it made the room seem so cozy and intimate, missing it now!

    Published on 2.6.14 · Reply
  5. It's a definite winner. The article and the paper show here. Well done.

    Published on 2.10.14 · Reply