Divine Details: The Kitchen Backsplash

kitchen 1
Hello Zhush readers! It’s Katy from Designs By Katy back with another divine detail. We’re currently building a house, and one of the key details I can’t decide on is our kitchen back-splash. The back-splash tile, can really set off your space. It’s the designer handbag to your outfit. Here’s the real dilemma: should I go classic or bold?
kitchen 2
kitchen 3
kitchen 4
kitchen 5
You can never go wrong with a subway tile, but I’m leaning heavily towards this one (which is a bold choice!). What are your votes? Thanks again for having me, Sue. Come visit my design blog at Designs By Katy!
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  1. Emily wrote:

    Hi Katy! I renovated a home a little over a year ago, and I my kitchen doesn't have a backsplash area, and I was somewhat relieved because it is a hard decision. I'm liking the square subway tiles these days. Good luck with your design and choice!

    Published on 3.30.16 · Reply
  2. In our house we have square stone tiles, which go very well with the red marble countertops (it's the local marble, and our kitchen is in a great room setup, so the countertops are the centerpiece of the room, and everybody notes that we used local marble). Anyway, very timeless and classic.
    We are renovating a pair of 17th century apartments and for one I've chosen encaustic tiles with a large pattern so it isn't too busy (effect more like picture #2 and not like picture #3). The pattern is mostly black loops with deep red accents against a white/cream background, and the floor is traditional terra cotta tiles (from the period). In the second apartment, the kitchen is smaller. I went for something bolder, azulejos with a deep blue and yellow pattern (again, on the large side) against a white background. The tiles are from Mainzu, a Spanish manufacturer.

    Published on 3.30.16 · Reply
  3. Love these kitchens!
    Thats where friends and family gather!

    Published on 3.31.16 · Reply
  4. I did a white Kitchen with honed black granite. I love the way it looks, but it still needs that pop to make it personal. I kicked around the idea of antique mirror tile. I LOVE IT! I think the antique mirror can be a bold choice but also a classic because the mirror looks vintage and aged. I would love to see it installed!!!! let us know what you decide…

    Published on 4.4.16 · Reply