Falling Down the (“cyber”) Rabbit Hole

Did you ever stumble into one of those time sucking intervals on the internet? At least an hour can go by, without notice, because one Google search, sparks an interest in something else, which can lead you to another search, and so on, and so on? I call these moments “falling down the rabbit hole”. Engrossed in whatever I am searching for, I am often surprised that at least a whole hour has disappeared. During these long cyber quests, I often feel like Alice in Wonderland.

“Curiouser and curiouser!” cried Alice.

My most recent trip down the cyber rabbit hole, had me looking at the latest collection from Anthropologie. Ironically, it looks like the Anthropologie design team was directly inspired by fairy tales, and more specifically, Alice in Wonderland!

The whole collection had such a whimsical and tea with the “mad hatter” feel to it! Apparently, as Chanel proved in its most recent shows, fairy tales are in.

It didn’t surprise me at all to learn that Tim Burton has a remake of Alice in Wonderland slated to appear in theatres in 2010. Who better than to bring back the Queen of Hearts, Cheshire Cat and of course the Mad Hatter to the big screen!

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