Nine Podcasts To Listen To Right Now

I posted a small poll on both Instagram and Facebook yesterday to see what type of content you guys would like to see during these weird and stressful times…
Since the votes came out split between podcast recs and more paint color posts…I thought I’d do both!
A few people even suggested both topics – I mean why not? I’ve got the time!
Anyway, the paint posts take a bit longer to pull together, so in the meantime…podcast recs it is!


Nine Podcasts To Listen To Right Now


My love for Podcasts started several years ago when I got swept up in the Serial craze.
Once that ended I started looking into other podcasts to fill the gap of time during long car rides (like to Rhode Island.)
Fast forward to today – I’m such a big fan of podcasts, and always looking for more great recommendations.
Listening to these is a great way to take your mind off of things (like stressful news) while doing chores around the house.
Here’s a list of my top nine podcasts to listen to right now.
If you’ve got a few suggestions, I’d love to hear them in the comments.
And, if podcasts aren’t for you, I’ve got a great list of five books I’ve read and LOVED!


Bitch Sesh Podcasts To Listen To Right NowBitch Sesh Podcast


1. Bitch Sesh: Fellow Bravo fans, don’t miss out on these ladies and their equally hilarious guests.

They’ve recently expanded the content here into other Bravo shows, 90 Day Fiance and most recently, the Love is Blind franchise!
I literally laugh out loud. Highly recommend!

Podcasts To Listen To Right NowWatch What Crappens

2.Watch What Crappens: Another Bravo centric podcast. The two hosts do endless impersonations of the housewives along with the silliest recaps which I find hilarious.

The DreamThe Dream

3. The Dream: A behind the scenes, investigation (light) of the world of MLMs and more recently the wellness industry.

Podcasts To Listen To Right NowBad on Paper

4. Bad On Paper:  Grace Atwood (from The Stripe blog) along with her close friend Becka Freeman (a freelance marketing consultant) host a light and fun podcast focused primarily around the books they’ve read and loved each month.
It’s an easy listen, with light and fun interviews and interesting banter between these two close pals.
I’ve gotten a few great book recs from them. Most recently Verity – even better, the author just released her novel on Kindle for free due to all the madness in the world right now!
How amazing is that?!
Podcasts To Listen To Right Now
5. Hashtag No Filter:  I first discovered this fun podcast which covers everything from dating, friendship, pop culture and so much more- from my friend Julianne (@Julethebee on Instagram!)
Anyway, Jule’s has been a guest on Julie’s podcast at least twice now – SO FUN!
I’ve seen the podcast live and even got to know the host Julie Lauren in person! She’s awesome:)

Be There In FiveBe There In Five

6. Be There In Five: Kate Kennedy, the host of this fun podcast is a newer listen for me.
Kate discusses pop culture, influencer life (especially Mormon mommy bloggers -which is how I first discovered her) and nostalgia for the nineties.
Kate’s whip smart, super creative and SO funny.

A Drink With JamesA Drink With James

7. A Drink With James: The host James Nord, runs Fohr, an influencer marketing platform.
If you’ve ever been curious about the “ins and outs” and behind the scenes of online and social media marketing, this podcast is for you.
I tend to listen to several more podcasts about the blogging/social media /influencer industry – if you’re interested they’re listed out on this pate.

Slow Your ScrollSlow Your Scroll

8. Slow Your Scroll: Another influencer based podcast, the host, Krystal Faircloth has a big following as a popular influencer.
Her light hearted and insightful attitude towards social media makes for a fun and refreshing listen.
How to Decorate- The Podcast

How to Decorate- The Podcast:

9.How to Decorate- The Podcast:   This one’s for all the design lovers!
Brought to you by Ballard Design, it’s such a clever way to appreciate residential interior design.
They have some solid advice and also some great interviews!

Summing it up…

Hope you’re able to find a least one new favorite podcast from this list.
They’re truly helping me keep my sanity right now!
Stay safe everyone.
*This post contains affiliate links. This means if you click a link and purchase something, I may get a small commission from it at no cost to you. For more info, please read my disclaimer. I only refer things that I truly love and hope you will too!

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  1. I LOVE podcasts. Fresh Air, On Point, Planet Money, Freakonomics, WTF, Studio 360, 99% Invisible, TED Radio Hour….one of the things I miss most in France is NPR, but podcasts let me have my cake and eat it too.

    Published on 3.28.16 · Reply
  2. James Swan wrote:

    You might check out my new podcast Million Dollar Decorating ( where we celebrate design, decorating and beautiful living.

    Published on 3.28.16 · Reply