Favorite Purchases From January

favorite purchases from JanuarySonia Kashuk Countertop Makeup Tray Organizer from Target


favorite purchases from January


This month’s favorite purchases are a little funny to me. It was only when I went to write this post, I realized what a cliche I am!

My January favorite purchases involve two organizational pieces (one for make up, above and one for jewelry, below) a desk calendar and work out pants!

I had no idea how predictable I was! I think I unknowingly hit all the things major stereotypical things people focus on this month.

Anyway, I typically do five favorites each month…but this month was a light one for me. There were several returns and only these four made the cut. But they’re four really good ones!


Sonia Kashuk Countertop Makeup Tray Organizer from Target

The first one is this makeup organizer from Target. I love this SO much!

Before this piece, all my makeup was in a cosmetics bag However, it was annoying to dig through to find what I needed. It also had SO much extra stuff which I didn’t need!

Now I can see everything, and also pare down to the essentials as well. I love how it looks on my vanity and it was only $12.99!



Karen Adams 2020 Desk Top CalendarKaren Adams 2020 Desk Top Calendar


Karen Adams 2020 Desk Top Calendar

This calendar is so pretty. Truth is, I had the same one last year. It was so charming, had to order the 2020 version. Love it!



favorite purchases from JanuaryKendra Scott Large Jewelry Box


Kendra Scott Large Jewelry Box

I’d been eyeing this gorgeous jewelry box for SO long. Since January is my birthday month, I finally decided to splurge on it.

Like the make up organizer above, I love being able to see my jewelry. Makes it so much easier to find things!


favorite purchases from JanuaryWomen’s High Waisted Yoga Pants

Women’s High Waisted Yoga Pants

If these look familiar, it’s because I already owned a pair. Love them so much I just got two more pairs. High waisted and NOT SEE THROUGH. Also, at $26. it’s a pretty good deal!

Hope you love these four finds.

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