Favorite Things I Bought: 2020

Talking about the favorite things I bought this year.

Can’t believe we’re already here in mid December!


favorite things I bought


Favorite Things I Bought This Year


I LOVE to see the products and purchases that others love the most.

If you feel the same way, today’s post is for you!

Of all the purchases I’ve made (for myself) this year, these are my absolute favorites.

Last year’s favorite purchases post was a big hit, so here we are again!


These are my favorites for the year, in no particular order.


1  APL Techloom Bliss Sneakers: Ordered these because I’m wearing leggings all the time now and needed a shoe to go with them when I go out. Love the style, the slip on ease and they’re SO comfortable and cute. Already have a second pair in black!

2.  High waist raw hem skinny crop jeans: I’ve mentioned these flattering jeans several times for a reason. Absolutely loved them from day one. The rare times I get dressed these days, these are the jeans I reach for the most. Already considering ordering another style of jeans from this company.

3.  Retro oversized Amazon sunglasses: Originally ordered a pair of these Celine look alike sunglasses to see if I wanted to get the actual designer pair. But, they look so good I just stuck with them and now own both brown and black (they’re only $14.99.) However, it’s worth mentioning, I’ve also broken two pairs, they’re not the sturdiest things. I don’t typically break my sunglasses….

4.  Wonder cloths makeup remover: I’m late to the party on these amazing make up removers. After reading all the glowing reviews and trying them for myself I can now say I highly recommend them.

5. Ugg Fluffette Slipper: Bought these fuzzy slippers during the height of  lock down in March. I was never a slipper person before and now they’re all I wear indoors. Wearing them now!

6. Countertop makeup tray organizer:  For the longest time all my makeup was either in a mess in a drawer or in a makeup bag all piled up together. I don’t wear a whole lot, but what I do wear I tend to wear everyday. Having everything out in view on my counter all neat in this pretty acrylic organizer just makes so much more sense!

7. Long sleeve button down boyfriend shirt in true white: Purchased this on a whim, during a bad bout of insomnia. What, you don’t browse Target when you can’t sleep? Anyway, it has exceeded my expectations and it was only $20!

8. Barefoot Dreams long cardigan:I owned one of these soft, cozy cardigans already. However, back in March and April when this was literally ALL I wearing (with leggings or the sweats below) everyday, I decided to invest in another. For me, these are more like a “house” cardigan, but since I’m in the house SO much these days, this purchase was a no brainer.

9. Le Labo Santal 33 Signature Scent Laundry Detergent: This was such a decadent and out of character purchase for me. I typically go with scent free laundry detergent. However, back in July I decided to mix it up a bit and never looked back. In fact, I even expanded my pretty scented detergent scope to include this lovely one too! I wash my masks in them and they smell so nice…it’s the little things.

10: Weleda Skin Food: First mentioned this amazing moisturizer back in February. Since then I lost count of how many tubes of this I’ve gone through. Just wish it came in a larger jar with a pump!

favorite finds for the year



11. Free People Ottoman Slouchy Tunic: I own this top in both black and cream. It’s just an easy top to throw on with leggings when you need to run errands, walk the dog, etc. More like a sweatshirt than a tunic or sweater. Runs very big!

12. Old Navy Joggers: Didn’t think I was really a joggers person, let’s be honest- these are called sweat pants, right? But 2020, not leaving the house and the need to be cozy and super comfortable at all times has changed my mind!

13. Timeless Skin Care Vitamin C + E Ferulic Acid Serum:Trying to up my skincare game. After testing out a few vitamin C serums, this is the one I like the most, And, it’s actually the least expensive of all the ones I tried.

14. Large Antique Brass Jewelry Box in White Lacquer: Made this purchase back in January, which seems crazy to me because it feels like I’ve owned this fancy jewelry box forever. I waivered back and forth on this purchase for a while, because it’s a pricey, but I’m so glad I finally went for it because I really love it. It’s pretty and functional.

15. BREEO Double Flame Smokeless Outdoor Fire Pit:Had to include our fire pit here. Technically, my husband bought this. However, since we’re all using it and loving it, it made the cut. In fact, if you’re curious, I’ve got a whole post dedicated to our backyard fire pit.





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