From Old Guard To Avant Garde

While on vacation with my family last month,
I stopped into the Stubbs & Wootton boutique.

I own several pairs
of this classic Stubbs & Wootton wedge.
{in varying heel heights + colors}

the Stubbs & Wootton label
is really known best for this preppy staple.

{These are not really my style.}

And yet,  I couldn’t help but
browse the endless selection of embroidered and
needlepoint slippers available.

And, that’s when I spied these!

At which point, I realized that perhaps this
old school staple was looking to shake things up a bit!

So…browsed around a bit more,
with a renewed sense of curiosity, and then saw THIS.

I love this blue needlepoint weekender!
It’s like Mary Poppins meets Private Benjamin.
{Doesn’t it sort of remind you of this?}


Don’t forget…GIVEAWAY!
{it’s still going on}

images via; Stubbs&;Wootton;Anthropologie

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  1. Love Stubbs–they have a great shop in Southampton. Tried to get my husband to buy the "screw" loafers, but he went for a tamer motif!

    Published on 4.15.10 · Reply
  2. those wedges are a dream so classic… and so 50s style as well!

    Published on 4.15.10 · Reply
  3. Love those wedges, and that is a cute bag 🙂

    Published on 4.15.10 · Reply
  4. Ha! Too funny!! Somebody has quite a sense of humor…the bag? Love it!! Traditional with a twist, my favorite!

    Published on 4.15.10 · Reply
  5. Debra wrote:

    You need that little love-seat…perhaps in shades of grape and aubergine. I can think of a couple of times I would have loved to have been wearing those whimsical slippers…outside of the house!

    Published on 4.15.10 · Reply
  6. I really am digging the embroidered flats! So stylish and makes a statement!

    I am also having a giveaway for my 100 followers! Please stop by to enter!


    Published on 4.15.10 · Reply
  7. pve design wrote:

    Laughter really is the best medicine. I love witty tongue-in-cheek sorts of designs, like that.

    Published on 4.15.10 · Reply
  8. That gave me a good giggle this morning !

    Published on 4.15.10 · Reply
  9. I will have to go browse some of the new stuff….although I still love the classic wedges.

    Published on 4.15.10 · Reply
  10. Love those wedges! Wedges with jeans, dresses, shorts…it all looks good.

    Published on 4.15.10 · Reply
  11. You will get your moneys worth with those wedges! Classic and Chic!

    Published on 4.15.10 · Reply
  12. Joyce wrote:

    Too funny a little preppy mets Harley Davidson. xo

    Published on 4.15.10 · Reply
  13. Cat wrote:

    How lovely to find cool treasures and inspirations in unexpected places 🙂

    Published on 4.15.10 · Reply
  14. Kathy G wrote:

    Lately I have become fixated on needlepoint shoes and also stumbled on the Stubbs & Wooten, I didn't know they also did bags…LOVE IT!

    Published on 4.15.10 · Reply
  15. paula wrote:

    never heard of these, thanks for the intro.

    Published on 4.15.10 · Reply
  16. Karena wrote:

    I had a pair with anchors, and I love the wedges! That loveseat and purse…..OMG!

    Art by Karena

    Published on 4.15.10 · Reply
  17. Ha, I wondered who made those little slippers, I used to see women in Atlanta wearing them all the time! I love to see a new, edgy take on a classic, very clever! Great post, and if you get a second, stop by and check out my Catherine Deneuve giveaway!

    Published on 4.15.10 · Reply
  18. Those shoes are so funny!

    Love the wedges.

    Published on 4.15.10 · Reply
  19. CCWai wrote:

    I think the 3rd pair is quite interesting.
    We still don't get a lot of asymmetric shoes.

    Published on 4.15.10 · Reply
  20. Kathysue wrote:

    Love a good wedge and these are classics. I also love the needlepoint slipper, they look so classy to me. fun shoes!! Kathysue

    Published on 4.15.10 · Reply
  21. Funny;)

    And I love the wedges! 🙂

    Published on 4.15.10 · Reply
  22. Those wedges are pretty much amazing.

    Published on 4.15.10 · Reply
  23. Stephanie wrote:

    Love the wedges AND the bag! Too fun!

    Published on 4.15.10 · Reply
  24. Marija wrote:

    I"m laughing at my self because first I thought it was a nail. Wake up Marija! I have to convess never having heard of this brand but I do own that wedge from a different line. PERFECT for summer. I'll have to check out S&W!

    Published on 4.15.10 · Reply
  25. The screw u loafers are A-mazing!

    Published on 4.15.10 · Reply
  26. nicole wrote:

    Screw U! Love it!!! Too funny…..

    Published on 4.15.10 · Reply
  27. La Dolfina wrote:

    Seriously too funny. Did you buy them?

    Published on 4.15.10 · Reply
  28. Those shoes are hilarious! Someone at the company has a sense of humor.

    Published on 4.15.10 · Reply
  29. You are adorable!! I'm sure those shoes are best sellers. I wouldn't wear them, but a whole bunch of my girlfriends would and every time they looked down they would smile. So so cute. xx's Marsha

    Published on 4.15.10 · Reply
  30. Jen wrote:

    Those are some great wedges!! As for the screw U shoes? Hmmm… I might have to pass on those. Boy, they just seem to think of everything, don't they? 😉

    Published on 4.15.10 · Reply
  31. Beatriz wrote:

    Cute wedges!! They are my favorite alternative to traditional high heels. So much more comfortable!


    Published on 4.15.10 · Reply
  32. Hey girl!!!!

    I gave you something on my blog!!! Go check it out! 🙂

    Hope you're having a great week!

    Published on 4.15.10 · Reply
  33. Averill wrote:

    My dad has had a pair of Stubbs house slippers for YEARS…so they always remind me of him. Love the screw & magnet though…very fun!

    Published on 4.15.10 · Reply
  34. M wrote:

    Yes, the slippers are mildly amusing, but YOU, you are hysterical!

    Published on 4.15.10 · Reply
  35. god i love wedges.

    Published on 4.15.10 · Reply
  36. Fee-AMore wrote:

    That is such an adorable pair.

    Published on 4.15.10 · Reply
  37. I love the wedges! I have been wanting a pair in yellow! I think they would be fun!

    Published on 4.15.10 · Reply
  38. I've found your blog through Blue Hydrangea and love it. Great post – loving the cheekiness of the embroidered slippers. And that bag is too cool. Thanks for sharing!

    Published on 4.15.10 · Reply
  39. yayellie wrote:

    When is Father's Day? Need to get him the slippers and see how long it takes him to figure out that we aren't just trying to label him a handyman…

    Published on 4.15.10 · Reply
  40. haha! Insulting shoes. I would never wear them but they are pretty funny. I do love that bag. I don't have anything embrioded other than a few cardis. Maybe it's a new trend.

    Published on 4.15.10 · Reply
  41. jennyjen wrote:

    Wedge shoes are my favourite! I was just trying on a pair yesterday that I was so close to buying. I had to control myself though! 🙂

    Published on 4.15.10 · Reply
  42. Hilarious! xo

    Published on 4.15.10 · Reply
  43. That needlepoint bag is the mostest!

    Thanks so much for stopping by today 🙂

    Published on 4.16.10 · Reply
  44. I have to know, are the SC. U slippers women's or men's? Just hilarious. I can always count on you for a good laugh. My husband's 40th is next week. I was thinking they would be a good funny. Thank you for your kind comments on RHS. You are a dear blog friend!

    Published on 4.16.10 · Reply
  45. Super cute 🙂 Love that chair in the last pic!

    Published on 4.16.10 · Reply
  46. You are too funny, girlie! Coming here is always refreshing and such a delight. I always leave smiling! Now did you end up getting anything?

    ox, Mon

    Published on 4.16.10 · Reply
  47. those wedges are a dream — perfect for summer. Looking forward to buying a few pairs when we land in AZ.

    Published on 4.16.10 · Reply
  48. I have never heard of this! but I am giggling at the shoes… lol

    Published on 4.16.10 · Reply
  49. liza wrote:

    Is it possible my grandmother wore those years (like 30 years) ago?? I wish I could have given her the FU ones because she would have cracked up! The wedges are great.

    Published on 4.17.10 · Reply
  50. Cashon&Co wrote:

    OH MY GOSH. that's me. Old school to the bone but like to shock the old schoolers a bit!!! that purse and those slip on's are great. and i would kill to have that settee. I have spent the last 2 years trying to finish a needlepoint stocking, which I was WAY over-ambitious when I started.

    Published on 4.17.10 · Reply
  51. i do love the weekender, and your wedges are quite cute! they look super comfy, too.

    Published on 4.18.10 · Reply
  52. Jenn wrote:

    Ha, that needlepoint camo bag is hilarious! I love it!

    Published on 4.27.10 · Reply