The Allure of The Hidden Door

Over the weekend, I was going over various interior design terms, and came across one of my favorites – the jib door.

If you’re not familiar, a jib door is basically a secret door.

Jib doors are not only fun and mysterious, but they’re often quite beautiful too!

Let’s have a look.

botanical mural wallpaper covers a hidden doorWallpapered jib door in dining room from House Beautiful

Secret Hidden Doors

Secret doors, known as a jib doors are such an interesting architectural detail.

According to Merriam, a jib door is defined as a door made flush with a wall without dressings or moldings and often disguised by continuing the finishings or decorations of the wall across its surface.

Hidden doors have captured my attention for quite some time now.

I’m excited to dig into this concept a bit more in detail here today!

Of course part of the allure of these secret doors is what lies beyond it.

Where do these door ways lead to?

Sometimes it’s a powder room or chic wet bar, other times they really do reveal an actual secret room!

Let’s explore a few of these fun and very attractive doors.

high gloss blue hidden door in wallpapered room

How great is the attention to detail on this high gloss secret jib door and bar designed by Miles Redd?

hidden hallway door to powder roomJib door to powder room via House Beautiful.

wallpapered dining room with jib doorHidden door in wallpapered dining room via Caroline Gidiere Interiors.

Fifth avenue foyer apartment with secret jib doorHoward Slatikin’s Fifth Avenue apartment foyer with secret hidden doorway flush mounted with the wall. See more of this magnificent New York City apartment here.

hidden bar behind jib secret doorLove this hidden closet which houses a discreet bar cabinet via Architectural Digest.

Doors Which Are Similar To A Jib Door.

All of these lovely doors are actual jib doors.

Not to be confused with a Murphy door, which is somewhat similar but not quite the same thing.

Much like it’s close cousin, the Murphy bed, the Murphy door is a consumer product designed to save on space.

These clever doors come ready for installation and give the look of a built in bookcase.

One solid push on these “book case” doors and you’ve entered another room!

I love the whole hidden room, Murphy door concept so much, I’m always thinking about adding one of these bookcase doors to the entrance of my own home office.

closet behind faux book case wall Hidden closet door with book case facade via Hayburn and Co.

Secret Jib Door Conclusion

So, what do you think of these jib doors?

Do you have a home with a hidden door?

Would you ever want to create a hidden door in your own home?

Whether it be a hidden room or a secret passageway, or even better a cleverly disguised bar – I’m so enamored with all these clever jib door ideas.

Master Bedroom with jib door

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