Holiday Card Display Ideas

Holiday Card Display Ideas


Of all the holiday traditions, sending and receiving cards from friends and family is one of my favorites.

Since we celebrate both Christmas and Chanukah here, we have a lot of traditions. This one thankfully covers both beautifully.

Each year I surround our fireplace mantel in the living room with holiday cards. All the photos and cards from our friends and family members always makes me smile. 

A few years ago, I was inspired by Martha Stewart (naturally) to flank both sides of the mantle with grosgrain ribbons. Simple straight pins (like these) work perfectly to attach the cards to the ribbons. You can also use glue dots. This creates two long garlands on either side of the fireplace. The cards look so fun and festive attached to the ribbons in this way.

It’s pretty easy to manage and I always get a lot of compliments about the display. Plus, all the hanging cards always look so welcoming.

While this method seems to suit us just fine, I’m always curious about all the other clever and creative ways people choose to display their holiday cards.


image via Better Homes and Gardens



After perusing Pinterest for more inspiring holiday card display ideas, I narrowed it down to these.

Basically, my two favorite ways to display your Christmas cards is by using either ribbons or pretty mini clothespins! Or, a combination of both.

In fact, these clothespins in particular are so festive and fun.  They would look great with most Christmas decorations – so I just went ahead and ordered them!

So many of the holiday card display ideas I came across were way too involved, with glue guns, picture frames and even chicken wire. While I’m always so impressed with innovative and creative ideas, I’m not at all the crafty type.

Personally, I like to keep things simple and easy. Especially this time of year, when we’re all so busy with too much going on.

Let’s take a closer look of some of the pretty ways to use ribbons and clothespins for your own favorite holiday cards.


Ribbon Garlands


Holiday Card Display Ideas


I love these examples. You don’t need a fireplace, or even a blank wall. As you can see, kitchen cabinets work perfectly.

Of course, if you have a fireplace you can display your cards just like we do. I use grosgrain ribbon, but obviously you can use any type of ribbon, as long as it’s strong enough to support the weight of the cards.

On our mantle, I use two stocking holders to hold down to the tops of the ribbons, one on either side.


Holiday Card Display Ideasimage via Rue Magazine


Festive Mini Clothespins



Holiday Card Display Ideas


Again, no fireplace required. The idea of going around a doorway with greenery garland and Christmas cards is so great.

I also love this mini display seen below using cords and simple wreaths.

Really, the clothespins make it so easy to get creative and decorate using those holiday cards almost anywhere. You could even hang some on your Christmas tree.


image via Country Living


When the holidays are over, I came up with a fun and easy way to deal with your favorite Christmas cards.

It’s not exactly a DIY, but it is a great little hack. Simply use your phone to photograph your friend’s and family’s holiday photos. Then, use these as the photo for their contact on your phone. Whenever you get a call from them, you’ll see an image of their cute little card photo pop up on your phone. Plus, you won’t feel so bad taking down all the lovely family photos!

I hope you found some fun inspiration for displaying your own holiday cards.

If you scroll through to the very bottom here, I’ve rounded up the supplies you’ll need on hand as those holiday greetings start to roll in.

What’s your favorite way to display your Christmas cards?

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  1. Beautiful ideas! For now I have all my cards collecting in a big oversized gold sleigh..its the best I can do. Hopefully next year I will have a surplus of creative energy and do one of these wonderful ideas! Merry Christmas:)

    Published on 12.19.11 · Reply
  2. Clever ideas all! My mother used to make hanging red felt banners that she stapled all the cards to and hung around door openings in the house – it was very festive!!

    Published on 12.19.11 · Reply
  3. Such wonderful ideas! I have been hinting about a camera for quite some time. I hope Santa is listening to both of us 🙂


    Published on 12.19.11 · Reply
  4. Cute ideas! Beats just sticking them on the fridge or the mantel.

    Published on 12.19.11 · Reply
  5. love the one on the mirror! mine are all in a bowl right now… need to do better!

    Published on 12.19.11 · Reply
  6. I have ours dotted around the large bookcase in our living room. I also have trays with cards from years past sitting out, it is always fun to see how much friends' kids have grown!

    Published on 12.19.11 · Reply
  7. CDS wrote:

    I have ours clipped to wooden clothes pins and set on our bookshelves through the magic of balance! 🙂

    Published on 12.19.11 · Reply
  8. Seeing holiday cards displayed is one of my favorite holiday traditions. I tack ours to a white satin ribbon and the hang the thick ribbons on the back of the front door (from top to bottom.) Isn't it fun to look at everyone? Makes me feel blessed to have so many wonderful people in my family's life. XOXO.

    Published on 12.19.11 · Reply
  9. I love the banister display and the mirror display! So many fantastic ideas!

    Published on 12.19.11 · Reply
  10. I need this! Mine are just kind of haphazardly on my wall.

    Published on 12.19.11 · Reply
  11. I'm hanging my head in shame since all we do is toss our cards into a big dough bowl. I need more creativity in my life!

    Published on 12.19.11 · Reply
  12. charmaine wrote:

    I did a post about displaying christmas cards as well.:) My favorite is the tree branch, I've been doing it for 4 years now.

    Merry Christma, Sue!

    Published on 12.19.11 · Reply
  13. Oh what fun to display them all. I usually just keep them in bowl…

    Published on 12.19.11 · Reply
  14. Love to get holiday cards & see how kids are growing up! Hope you're well.

    Published on 12.19.11 · Reply
  15. Tamra wrote:

    This is great, much better than me taping them to my pantry door. Love the holiday tree idea!!

    Published on 12.19.11 · Reply
  16. designchic wrote:

    Such great ideas – especially love those on the branches…beautiful!!

    Published on 12.20.11 · Reply
  17. Johanna wrote:

    Gosh…just this weekend I was trying to think of a creative way to display our cards. What great ideas!

    Published on 12.20.11 · Reply
  18. LOVE those card displays…you just inspired me to get the cards off the hall table;)

    Happy Holidays!

    Published on 12.21.11 · Reply
  19. Alison wrote:

    Great idea to use the Christmas pics as the phone contact photo! Thanks Andy Happy, Merry Everything, Sue!

    Published on 12.5.19 · Reply
    • Sue De Chiara wrote:

      Merry everything to you to! So glad you liked the ideas!:)

      Published on 12.5.19 · Reply
  20. Barnali Guha wrote:

    I created a christmas tree silhouette with string of colored lights and hung the cards with clothes pegs. It was so beautiful!

    Published on 12.5.19 · Reply