Boho Chic Home Decor Ideas

This post first appeared back in 2018, but I’ve gone back to look at this boho chic home for so many great decor ideas recently, I thought you might like to see it again too!

Boho Chic Home Decor Ideas

If you’re looking to zhush up your place with some chic boho inspired home decor, today’s post is for you!

Think interesting colors, patterns and textures.

In my mind, this Seattle home is a great example of bohemian decor done right.

There’s so many great takeaways here you can implement into your own home. Let’s get into it!

photography by Alyssa Rosenheck for Elle Decor

Interior Design by (and belonging to) Katie Hackworth

blue kitchen island with pendant lights and long kitchen window

What is boho chic decorating style?

In other words, what does boho chic look like?

Boho (short for Bohemian) chic decor usually involves a creative and fun mix of prints, patterns, colors and styles.

The term “Bohemian” has gone through many iterations, but for our purposes today, it’s meaning is mostly aesthetically artistic.

Someone looking to add boho chic styling to their own home should think with a free spirit, like an artist.

Collect and edit your surroundings to suit your own eye, interest and tastes.

This is of course easier said than done, which is why this lovely home is such a great example!

velvet green sofa in boho chic living room with window and modern coffee table
Boho style is has a very strong 1970’s design influence.
This typically includes natural elements like rattan, colorful, layered textiles
with a focus on various textures.
The result is a more casual, collected feel within a space.
pair of vintage chairs in hallway with art
The chevron wood floors in this home are a dream!
I only wish we could see more of them.
boho chic living room with modern light fixture and fireplace and pink abstract art

Is boho chic still in style?

Any decor which beautifully reflects you’re own taste and personality can never really be considered out of style.
There’s a lot of warmth and personality in this living space, two of my favorite qualities when it comes to boho chic home decor.
You can always incorporate current trends into any bohemian style home, if this is something which is important to you.
Otherwise, focus on what makes you happy when it comes to the decor of your own home.
art work of horse on wall with book and plant
vintage trunk on pink tiled floor with framed art above it
It’s all in the mix.
Etsy and Ebay are both great sources when it comes to finding cool pieces like this steamer trunk.
red runner in bathroom with a window and long vanity
I love using vintage runners like the one above in a bathroom.
It’s so fun and unexpected, such a great look.
bubble chandelier in boho chic living room with various design style furniture and fireplace
The boho style in this living room is a favorite of mine.
I used the same mirror and a similar bubble chandelier in our beach house renovation.
Now that I’m looking at this image with fresh eyes again, I’m inspired to add a similar round ceiling medallion.
black claw foot tub in modern eclectic bathroom
The gorgeous bathrooms are one of my favorite boho rooms in this house.
Colorful floor tiles with the black and white iron shower doors are such a great example of bohemian style.
It’s all about mixing and matching.
blue and white bathroom cement tile floor in boho style bathroom

How do I decorate my house in a boho style?

By incorporating vintage items with new, mixing various patterns and allowing yourself the freedom of displaying pieces which speak to you, you’ll be on your way to a boho chic style home in no time.

Think outside the box when it comes to trends.

Don’t be afraid to mix metals, colors and design styles.

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I hope you got some great boho decorating ideas from this post!
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