How To Send A Thoughtful Thank You

I’ve finally caught up on my Thank You notes…I’m embarrassed to admit that even though my birthday was in January, it’s taken me this long to get some over due Thank You cards in the mail. In the beginning of January, right after the holidays, I ran out of stationery…even though I quickly ordered more, it was a slippery slope of procrastination after that. Well, I’m back on track now and as extra incentive to stay on top of my Thank You note game, I’ve stocked up on a lot of pretty monogram notes and cards.

Additionally, I got some great advice on sending a thoughtful Thank You from Dempsey & Carroll‘s Creative Director, Leo Mascotte:

1. Set aside adequate time to think about what you’re going to say and how you’re going to say it. If your note is rushed, it may come off as perfunctory or insincere.

2. Make sure your handwriting is as good as it can be. Warm up by drawing loops on scratch paper or by writing a draft of your note. If you’re handwriting is difficult to read, it’s fine to print.

3. Make a list of the things you want to mention or include. If you received a gift, what do you like about it? If you were treated to dinner, what was especially delicious? Was there an anecdote or funny story you want to reference?

4. Express your your gratitude in heartfelt words. Good thank-you notes make the recipient feel special when you clearly mean all those nice things you write.

5. If possible, avoid leading with “Thank You for the …” -your note will sound fresher and less formulaic if you start off with anything else. Try “Dinner was delicious!” or “Did you know red is my favorite color?”

6. Finish with a strong line, such as “I really appreciate your thoughtfulness.” or “We hope to see you and Ted again very soon.”

Hope you find these tips helpful! I’ve also included a round up below of some of my favorite Thank You cards and monogram stationery.


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  1. If you're thanking for birthday or Christmas gifts, yes, think it out. Most people don't get so many hundreds of gifts that the task is overwhelming.
    But if it's for a wedding or baby, then do your best to tailor, but if you come up with a formula and customize details, then so be it. Better to get the thank-yous done sooner, so people know you got the gift (more and more of a question as people order online and have delivered to the recipient), rather than take six months to get around to what seems like an insurmountable task.

    Published on 4.14.16 · Reply
  2. Published on 4.14.16 · Reply
  3. Such important information and great advice!! Thank you! Have a beautiful weekend, Sue! xoxo

    Published on 4.15.16 · Reply