How To Wear Flattering Stripes This Summer

how to wear flattering stripes

jumpsuit  //  skirt  //  clutch  //  bow sandal  //  pullover top  //  dress  //  button down top  //  shirt dress  //  platform slide


Flattering stripes – can’t get enough of them lately. Coming off a very busy weekend, and heading straight into a jam packed short week. We’ve got prom, my son’s 12th birthday and my oldest’s high school graduation (which I can’t believe!) all happening in the next few days! In between all the action, I’ve been picking out some super cute and very flattering striped finds. For me, the key is to have the stripes work with you -vertically- and not against you- horizontally! That’s just my two cents. Hope you enjoy these summery stripey and very flattering picks!

PS: Still several Memorial Day Sales going on today!

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