Still Can’t Get Enough: Silhouettes

After receiving some insightful emails about my silhouette obsession,
I thought I would do a follow up post.
I think it all began, on the co-op floor of Barneys New York, around 2006.  Inside the dressing room, painted right on the walls, I saw the work of Carter Kustera.
{this is actually for an installation he did at the Westchester Barneys Co Op, but you get the idea}
I fell in love with his whimsical illustrations, and the captions he had put under each one.  
It didn’t take me long to track him down,
once I connected the dots, Barneys, Simon Doonan, Jonathan Adler, success!
I knew I wanted Mr. Kustera to do a series of silhouettes of my children.  I wanted to hang them in my foyer, going right up the front stairs.  Figuring out what paint colors to use was easy. (Carter lets you choose any Benjamin Moore paint color, ANY!)

These fabulous Kate Spade books (gifted to me by one of my closest friends), and already on display in our foyer, were my color inspiration.
And, look! There is even a silhouette on the cover!
Off to the paint store I went, books in hand, to match the paint color exactly.
Loves his new buzz.
Refuses to eat anything green.
Considers herself half girly girl, half tom boy.
  And there they are, all lined up.  I love them so much.
But there is still more.
These hang in my oldest daughter’s room.  She is 10. She doesn’t want her room to look like this anymore.  This make me incredibly sad, so lets move on.

This is my son.  I wear these charms on a necklace, he is only 3, this does not embarrass him.
At our ski condo, my girls share a room.  I wanted to hang two silhouettes facing each other, above their bed.

I looked everywhere for this, but when I couldn’t find the right ones, I cut the images from this wallpaper (in a different color), and had them framed.

That is my silohuette collection.
I’m sure I will be adding to it, it’s just a matter of time.

*images via: CarterKustera;JonathanAdler

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  1. Marija wrote:

    I absolutely adore the silhouettes of your children in custom colors. I just may need to (rather shamelessly) copy this idea…


    Published on 2.10.10 · Reply
  2. Andy wrote:

    these are lovely. especially the ones in your daughter's room. i adore silhouettes!


    Published on 2.10.10 · Reply
  3. Love the whimsy of the vintage-inspired pieces with the heart and crossbones! Thanks for sharing your collection.

    Published on 2.10.10 · Reply
  4. WOW! I love these! What a fun idea to have them done in those bright colors (I've always liked those cool Kate Spade book covers) and line them up the stairs.

    Published on 2.10.10 · Reply
  5. Very cute post… I love them too and have used them with some of my clients on their invitations… 😉

    Published on 2.10.10 · Reply
  6. Just love your silhouettes. Might have to copy your idea too. I hope you are well.

    Published on 2.10.10 · Reply
  7. I love sihouettes. In fact, I have been meaning to do a post on them for a while, so I will have to link over to you as a fellow silhouette-lover in my post! So classic and timeless.

    Published on 2.10.10 · Reply
  8. Jenn wrote:

    Love those silhouettes of your kids. Personal and chic at the same time.

    Published on 2.10.10 · Reply
  9. You are good, very good!! Those silhouettes are awesome!! I talked about doing some of my kids but it never happened. You have inspired me to talk about it some more!!!

    Published on 2.11.10 · Reply