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Last week’s New York Times, contained an article about the new Ebay online magazine, “The Inside Source.” The sole purpose of this new venture is to highlight the trendy and chic items available for sale on Ebay. This marketing tool shows consumers where the hot items are, based on their interests. Experts in the fields of fashion, antiques and collectibles point the buyers to the items they think are hot right now. This seems like a great idea for both buyers and sellers alike.

Ebay headquarters:

Almost two years ago, I sold a lot of my belongings on Ebay (over 100 items). It was time consuming, but the payoff was terrific….literally and figuratively. Aside from the obvious, a big perk for me was the space this effort provided in my closets. I truly believe you can never be too organized. Determined to make the best use of this new space, I ordered these Joy Mangano hangers and got straight to work on my closets.

I can’t say enough about these hangers. The color options are endless. I chose the black with bronze hardware. And, the design of the hanger allows you to really recap space within your closets. It was a big project, but my closet has never looked better.

Now reading about Ebay again, I am reminded of my closet’s former glory. I need to regain those organized and beautiful spaces. And, for further inspiration (aspiration) I came across several amazing closets and organized spaces online.


Making it lovely

Decorpad (Nate Berkus’ closet!)
Decorpad (from “Somethings Gotta Give”)

Don’t you just love it when everything has its place, and there is a place for everything? I think its time for me to get busy again.

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