It’s Complicated, the Bags (Part Two)

After receiving a flurry of emails about the Roberta Freyman Cab Bag, featured in the movie,
It’s Complicated, I decided to do a follow up post.
The Cab Bag is really having its moment, with quite the waiting list.  However, another Roberta Freyman favorite is this darling denim tote.

Denim Marble Oversize Tote
Roberta Freyman
(212) 585-3767

Personally, I love that it combines two “style obsessions”…denim + tie dye!

In the mean time, and on a somewhat separate note….
If my style and trend forecasts never pan out…

{taken in NY 5 min. ago}
I guess I won’t feel too bad,
since apparently no one can ever really predict or forecast anything!
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