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Next week, I’m planning on meeting up with my college girlfriends in the Hamptons.  While I’m so looking forward to the change of scenery, right now, all three kids are done with school although not yet in camp. Things are quite “lively” around here to say the least. However,  I did manage to schedule some strategic play dates yesterday and slip away for a very much needed pedicure.  With a stack of magazines in hand, my short visit to the nail salon was incredibly relaxing.  Probably because I was admiring the beautiful Hamptons beach home of Katie Couric in Hamptons Cottages and Gardens, and reading about the wonderful job her talented landscape architect sister did on the grounds.  It provided such a great mini escape that I thought I would share it here today. Enjoy!

Images via: Cottages and Gardens

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  1. Soooo pretty – love the tan and coral theme going on in the living room! See you tonight!

    Published on 6.22.11 · Reply
  2. That pool looks like heaven! Amazing. Enjoy the hamptons!!

    Published on 6.22.11 · Reply
  3. David Toms wrote:

    Wonderfu, just what I amgine the Hamptons to be like! Glad you managed to find some time for yourself! It is so hectic when one has so much to do before leaving on vacation! Have a fabulous time!

    Published on 6.22.11 · Reply
  4. Debby wrote:

    Yay to "me time" and pedicures! Katie's home is gorgeous. I love the bedroom… truth be told, I was hooked at the cute pooch on her bed!! xo

    Published on 6.22.11 · Reply
  5. Thanks for mini vacay…it was great! Enjoy your trip with the girls!!!

    Published on 6.22.11 · Reply
  6. When I read this article while sitting on the beach a couple of weeks ago, I thought that her home looked liked what I'd expect Katie's to look like…it was welcoming, pulled together nicely and a feeling of relaxation evokes the pages. It does not appear to be a stuffy home at the beach, which I've seen. Another reason that I adore Katie.

    Published on 6.22.11 · Reply
  7. i met katie couric a few summers ago and she is such a doll. doesn't surprise me a bit that her home is so gorgeous and inviting. thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

    Published on 6.22.11 · Reply
  8. Escape artist, you!
    Listen, I would be happy to join you, and if Catie is there, that's OK too…. ๐Ÿ™‚
    GREAT house, tx for sharing!

    Published on 6.22.11 · Reply
  9. I Dream Of wrote:

    Oh! I wish Katie would invite me over for a glass of wine… or that I had a girls' trip to the Hamptons on the books. Congrats on plotting your escape– sounds like SO MUCH FUN.

    Published on 6.22.11 · Reply
  10. you are going to have so much fun Sue!!
    what a beautiful home, I'm so in love with the lush gardens!

    Published on 6.22.11 · Reply
  11. Just gorgeous! I want to go to the Hamptons with girlfriends… pack me in your suitcase! : )

    Published on 6.22.11 · Reply
  12. Stephanie wrote:

    I loved this one too! Enjoy your getaway … two more days of school left for us!

    Published on 6.22.11 · Reply
  13. Anonymous wrote:

    GOOD for you in getting some ME time in – have fun in the Hamptons – so pretty there!

    Ps – if u look at my blog like 3 posts back it'll tell u how to fix the commenting problem – that's why u haven't seen my comments – b/c i can't – i gotta use anonymous ..

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    Published on 6.22.11 · Reply
  14. Beautiful and soothing.
    Have a great trip.

    Published on 6.22.11 · Reply
  15. Those vines around the post have my heart. The house…not so much honestly. A bit too blue for my liking.

    Have a blast in the Hamptons!!!

    Published on 6.22.11 · Reply
  16. Hi Sue, last day of school for us today – (I better get that pedicure this morning!)

    What a retreat! And the landscaping is fabulous and not contrived.

    Warm hugs to you!


    Published on 6.22.11 · Reply
  17. What a perfect place! The best of comfort and chic! I'm glad you had a moment to carve out some relaxation – oh how I'd love to go to the Hamptons! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Published on 6.22.11 · Reply
  18. Oh I hadn't seen this – I usually only read the CT edition!! I love every single image here – inside and out!!

    Published on 6.22.11 · Reply
  19. Liz wrote:

    Beautiful! What a dreamy home. Love the Hampton shingles!

    Published on 6.22.11 · Reply
  20. My dream is to get a place in the Hamptons and rub elbows with all those famous people. You know, go to the market and say hi to Ina Garten and stuff.

    Have fun with the gals!

    Published on 6.22.11 · Reply
  21. Estelle wrote:

    Oh my, a girls getaway! Isn't that just the best?! Enjoy every moment.

    Published on 6.22.11 · Reply
  22. gorgeous!!! what an amazing getaway…so much fun!!

    Published on 6.22.11 · Reply
  23. This house is gorgeous, the colors are perfect.
    Have a nice day.

    Published on 6.22.11 · Reply
  24. My kind of beach house! So much to talk about tonight. This. Mr. Lillien!!!!!! The Zhush store. Things are rocking in your world!!!

    xoxo e

    Published on 6.22.11 · Reply
  25. Meredith wrote:

    ooo i saw this online and loooved katie's house. how could you not? have a great time in the hamptons and thanks for following vfmh!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Published on 6.22.11 · Reply
  26. Kathysue wrote:

    Beautiful and Oh how I would love to visit the Hamptons, A trip there is on my bucket list, so someday I will make it there!! What a lovely home and I think I could just move right in. Kathysue
    PS Have a blast with your gal pals !Kathysue

    Published on 6.22.11 · Reply
  27. CDS wrote:

    Have an amazing time! I bet you will come back with fun fresh memories and a glowing tan! ๐Ÿ™‚ xoxo

    Published on 6.23.11 · Reply
  28. Oh, sounds like a fabulous trip. We are wrapping up our vacation this weekend….and after 5 nights at Disney….I could use another vacation! Beautiful home….thanks for sharing.

    Published on 6.23.11 · Reply
  29. What I wouldn't give for that pool… a cool slice of perfection!

    Published on 6.23.11 · Reply
  30. Josie wrote:

    This sounds like the perfect escape, my dear!
    xo Josie

    Published on 6.23.11 · Reply
  31. Olga Duron wrote:

    I love the pool! Classic & simple….


    Published on 6.23.11 · Reply
  32. Hello! I laughed in agreement at the level of 'life' in the house when the kids are off school.. That will be us in just a week's time, when the 'Winter break' hits. Though for us it will be our last two weeks in Sydney before we head off to Sweden. Can't believe it's so soon!

    I really like this house. It's warm, preppy yet relaxed, and very inviting. A happy place for sure.

    I hope you have a wonderful time with your friends. How fun!

    xx Charlotta

    Published on 6.23.11 · Reply
  33. Roxy Te wrote:

    have so much fun! All those blues are seriously soothing!

    Published on 6.24.11 · Reply