Kitchen Inspiration: English Style

Have you been watching Downton Abbey?  I’m so completely wrapped up in this BBC mini-series for a multitude of reasons, one of them being the fabulous interiors of this fictional estate.  While beautiful, some of the rooms might appear stiff or cold, but the kitchen quarters at Downton are always so warm and inviting.  Copper fixtures and pots plus a real deal butler’s pantry loaded with silver accoutrements are just some of the reasons I find this old British kitchen so appealing.  Even today, it seems the English have warm, inviting kitchens down to a science, as evidenced by these classic kitchens by Plain English.  The Agas and steaming kettles of tea get me every time, especially in the dead of winter.

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  1. We are both obessing over Downton Abbey too. Could not agree more on the warmth of the kitchen – great round-up!

    Published on 1.26.12 · Reply
  2. Gorgeous! So effortlessly chic and minimal!

    Published on 1.26.12 · Reply
  3. What I wouldn't do for a pale yellow AGA! 🙂

    Published on 1.26.12 · Reply
  4. sampenner wrote:

    Love this kitchen! That black glossy stove is divine.



    Published on 1.26.12 · Reply
  5. AlwaysMe wrote:

    Can't get enough of Downton Abbey and English style. Thanks for the post.

    Published on 1.26.12 · Reply
  6. Kirsten Riley wrote:

    i could so use a kitchen like that – !

    Published on 1.26.12 · Reply
  7. The above kitchens look like they would be very tranquil to cook it. I have not watched Downtown Abbey – I will have to check that out! Hope you are doing well!

    Published on 1.26.12 · Reply
  8. There was an Aga store in Charlotte, close to my old house. I used to love to go in there just to stare at these amazing stoves.

    Loving Downton Abbey…but keep forgetting to record it upstairs. I need to carve out some time to watch the past few episodes!!!

    See you soon!!! 🙂
    xo E

    Published on 1.26.12 · Reply
  9. There's so much design inspiration in Downton Abbey!! Love classic English kitchens!

    Published on 1.26.12 · Reply
  10. Wow! Talk about a dream kitchen and that stove really does set the stage for this awesome place. I cannot wait to see the series- I know I'm late on everything but I just want to hunker down and watch it all in one go.

    Published on 1.26.12 · Reply
  11. pve design wrote:

    I am on my third oven in our home. I just wonder if they make them like that anymore with the cover which is not only clever but practical.
    I'd be down with that…and with the Abbey too.

    Published on 1.26.12 · Reply
  12. Kathysue wrote:

    Sue, I love the cookers/stoves. They are so much more appealing than our stoves here in the USA. I am going to have to watch this show, I keep hearing good things about it.
    BTW I have my post up now, thanks again for allowing me to refer to your post from yesterday!! Great inspiration as always,

    Published on 1.26.12 · Reply
  13. Stunning kitchens, Sue. I too am addicted to Downton Abbey, watching most more than once!

    Published on 1.26.12 · Reply
  14. Christy wrote:
    Published on 1.26.12 · Reply
  15. Got to put an Aga into my new kitchen… unless of course the cost is half of my budget! See you tonight!

    Published on 1.26.12 · Reply
  16. Seriously stylish kitchens. I feel like I get a prompt daily to start watching Downtown Abbey. gonna have to finally do it!

    Published on 1.26.12 · Reply
  17. annie wrote:

    Oh my…what's not to love about these gorgeous kitchens. We looked at a house on the market with an Aga stove…I was so tempted…just for the stove.

    Published on 1.26.12 · Reply
  18. That large island is awesome 🙂 !!

    Published on 1.26.12 · Reply
  19. CDS wrote:

    In love with Downton Abbey! These kitchens are beautiful. xo

    Published on 1.27.12 · Reply
  20. I am glued to Downton Abbey! The best show on TV. So tempted to watch all of season 2 online! I was just thinking about Plain English the other day. LOVE their work!

    Published on 1.27.12 · Reply
  21. Karla wrote:

    so clean and simple! soothing and relaxing! what a fab stove!

    Published on 1.28.12 · Reply
  22. Sara wrote:

    That's so funny, most people in the UK don't have Aga's we have built in ovens and separate hobs. We all dream of American fridges and top loading washing machines!.
    Love your blog, it makes me happy.

    Published on 2.9.12 · Reply