Let’s Get Lost

Yesterday, was a weird day.  So many little things went wrong, one after the other, it got harder and harder “not to sweat the small stuff.”  I just wanted to escape for a bit, but of course that wasn’t really possible.  It’s in those moments that I like to take a mini-break and get lost in a top notch designer’s portfolio.  Contemplating all the interesting lives of the people behind these fabulous homes (while simultaneously taking in every detail) works like a visual day dream.  Stephen Schubel’s interiors are all as compelling as they are beautiful, it’s hard not to get lost in them, if only for a little while…


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  1. I have always loved that book wallpaper. And that first room is fantastic

    Published on 11.15.12 · Reply
  2. I hope today is better. I am the same way with magazines. If I'm stressed magazines help me zone out for a bit.

    Published on 11.15.12 · Reply
  3. christin wrote:

    I LOVE the bathroom painted like a tent. I have always wanted to do that.

    Published on 11.15.12 · Reply
  4. How beautiful. There are so many wonderful little details to love in these rooms. Thanks so much for sharing!

    Published on 11.15.12 · Reply
  5. Love that crazy bathroom – reminds me of a circus tent. Always nice to take a moment out of the day to look at some beautiful design!

    Published on 11.15.12 · Reply
  6. Nancy wrote:

    I am lost in that first bedroom nook. amazing. I hope your day gets better today!
    Im zoning out in blogs today myself!
    xo Nancy

    Published on 11.15.12 · Reply
  7. I have those moments too, and I do the same thing- escape to cyberland in search of something pretty and inspiring to see. Love the bedroom with the leopard/horned stool!

    Published on 11.15.12 · Reply
  8. love the b&w, you know! donna

    Published on 11.15.12 · Reply
  9. Wow! I just adore that top pic – how classy is that!!! Love the bold stripes, wish I could do that more in my home – maybe oneday… Would def suit a boat too wouldn't it – very nautical!
    🙂 Annie (Kate)

    Published on 11.16.12 · Reply