Light + Airy


Now that we’re mid-way through March, I’m really enjoying the fact that the days are getting longer. 

I never underestimate the way an abundance of natural light can positively enhance my mood and my surroundings. 

That’s probably why I adore this lovely feature from At Home In Arkansas so much. 

All the warm sunlight in this home drew me right in. 

It really does make such a difference.

PS: Another beautiful home tour!


Architect Ruby Architects, Inc., Little Rock

Builder Jack Hartsell Construction, Little Rock

Interior design James Michael Howard, Inc., Atlanta

Images via: At Home in Arkansas


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  1. Love the wall color in the bathroom. And that tub looks nice! What a calming space.

    Published on 3.12.12 · Reply
  2. Nancy wrote:

    I love the neutral rooms with one bold black and whit pattern each… So cool. Have a great day!

    Published on 3.12.12 · Reply
  3. All the natural light in that first kitchen is just divine!

    Published on 3.12.12 · Reply
  4. So right, I love my home when the sunlight floods through it… That bathroom is so slick and beautiful – that's it, I'm off cleaning 😉 Have a great week xo

    Published on 3.12.12 · Reply
  5. Beautiful – and great window treatments! Met the nice people from At Home Arkansas at conference – a very nice group!!

    Published on 3.12.12 · Reply
  6. Cara wrote:

    So gorge!

    Published on 3.12.12 · Reply
  7. Great feature! I agree- all the natural light really adds so much and also helps lift my mood!



    Published on 3.12.12 · Reply
  8. I love the cabinets in the first picture and wish we had gone that direction in our kitchen. I agree with you about the light and I'm getting so much more done these days!


    Published on 3.12.12 · Reply
  9. The Now wrote:

    very pretty! That bathroom looks like a very serene place to be! xoxo Elizabeth

    Published on 3.12.12 · Reply
  10. Wowzers…that is one FABULOUS house!

    Published on 3.12.12 · Reply
  11. xo J and V wrote:

    Bright and sunny, perfect timing for spring! Love all the natural light!
    Also, love my cute Jonathan Adler note cube! A little bit of sunshine on my desk awaiting my notes:) Jamie

    Published on 3.12.12 · Reply
  12. So pretty! A lot of unexpected here, Sue.
    I added your blog shop to my list today.
    Happy Monday.

    Published on 3.12.12 · Reply
  13. Beautiful….love the scale of the rooms and ceiling height and all the soft beautiful colors. Great looking!

    Published on 3.12.12 · Reply
  14. Oh, natural light! Give me tons of it and I am a happy gal!

    Published on 3.12.12 · Reply
  15. Christy wrote:

    The kitchen and dining rooms are beautiful!

    Published on 3.12.12 · Reply
  16. Donna wrote:

    I think the use of natural light is so important in a home and utilizing it as much as possible. Great photos!

    Published on 3.12.12 · Reply
  17. Gorgeous images…I love how tall all the windows are!

    Published on 3.12.12 · Reply
  18. I love the subway tiles in the kitchen! You can never go wrong with that!

    Published on 3.12.12 · Reply
  19. Every single room is just so beautiful So bright and fresh looking!

    Published on 3.12.12 · Reply
  20. This is such a beautiful post. With Spring quickly approaching I love all these images of the beautiful light shining in!! I always love a bright house. Have a great day.


    Published on 3.13.12 · Reply
  21. Love the crazy shades in that living room!

    Published on 3.13.12 · Reply
  22. Those B&W wavy, stripey, dotted drapes are too good to be true. I might need to do a little research to find out where they came from…

    Published on 3.13.12 · Reply