Local Talent / Distant Appeal {Part II}

Another local architect, whose work I
really admire is Louise Brooks,
Based out of New Canaan, Connecticut, some of my favorite
local homes have been either designed or renovated
by Louise Brooks.

Ms. Brooks has the ability to take traditional elements
and make them seem so fresh.

Her interior designs are as beautiful as her
exterior work.

She seems to have a strong sense of how
people really use their homes.
Classic lines and a fresh prospective,
combine to create some of the loveliest spaces.
A classic Louise Brooks kitchen,
and two stand out, master bathrooms.
Whimsical touches like this built in bird house
are a trademark feature of a Louise Brooks home.

If the name Louise Brooks, sounds familiar…
it may be because in addition to having
her homes published in several top shelter magazines…
she has also collaborated on an amazing line
of home decor products, called…oomph !

Love those ‘tini tables!

So, to the reader who wanted some
great architectural references,
now that you have your zhush and some oomph…
good luck with your decision on your project!
{when it’s all finished, send in some photos}

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  1. Krystal wrote:

    i love the windows and light and doors~

    Published on 8.10.10 · Reply
  2. Wow! I thought yesterdays was beautiful but this collection of work is so amazing. That built in birdhouse is such a unique idea, the exteriors are gorgeous as well as the interiors. So nice! So many special touches.

    Published on 8.10.10 · Reply
  3. That kitchen is amazing…Love the baby blue and white colour combination:)


    Published on 8.10.10 · Reply
  4. Natasha wrote:

    These pictures are so beautiful and I just adore those tables! I love visiting you as you always share such lovely things!

    Best wishes,

    Published on 8.10.10 · Reply
  5. Dang! She's good. That built in bench with the arched windows? How I do I get one of those?

    Published on 8.10.10 · Reply
  6. So funny, b/c I was going to mention them in my comment yesterday but didn't want to overstep. I am a complete fan of their work. Both the kitchen with the urban electric lanterns and the fabulous 2nd bathroom have been posted on my blog and are in my new home inspiration files. I didn't know about the Oomph collaboration….how fun….love Oomph products.

    Published on 8.10.10 · Reply
  7. The Buzz wrote:

    Louise is so talented and knows how to incorporate that special touch to make a home unique – that white kitchen is fabulous!

    Published on 8.10.10 · Reply
  8. Really gorgeous work! I love their table design, very cool!

    Published on 8.10.10 · Reply
  9. A friend from school had Louise design her kitchen – in her traditional cool fashion. My friends was all white – then pops of orange with matching oversize light fixtures. DIVINE. So happy to see more of her work – and I adore the dovecote!!!!
    xoxo Elizabeth

    Published on 8.10.10 · Reply
  10. Cara wrote:

    beautiful! I love the simple and clean bathroom she designed 🙂

    Published on 8.10.10 · Reply
  11. That birdhouse is fantastic. Very fun!


    Published on 8.10.10 · Reply
  12. Debby wrote:

    How cool is the built in bird house?! Love her work and those cute little tables too! xo

    Published on 8.10.10 · Reply
  13. The kitchen and bathrooms are perfect.

    Published on 8.10.10 · Reply
  14. Such beautiful open spaces, she has wonderful taste. Loving that huge porch.

    Published on 8.10.10 · Reply
  15. I'm with Erica, I love the porch

    Published on 8.10.10 · Reply
  16. oh i'm loven' bits and pieces of each one! – the 1st doorway is grand!!!! … loven' the work, but not my 'style' but totalllllly appreciate it the beauty!

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

    Published on 8.10.10 · Reply
  17. CJ wrote:

    Wow that window seat and bathroom…..*LOVE*

    Published on 8.10.10 · Reply
  18. Sorry for the above delete, I had to fix my typo. Once again, you have gorgeous images! Her work is fabulous! The built-in bird houses are so much fun and a new concept for me. Of course, I know oomph…the side tables are the perfect compliment to most interiors. Great post.

    Published on 8.10.10 · Reply
  19. oh gosh that master bath is to die for as is that wide open concept white kitchen! You find the absolute prettiest things 🙂

    Published on 8.10.10 · Reply
  20. Staley Mc wrote:

    Beautiful! All these places are gorgeous!

    Published on 8.10.10 · Reply
  21. Gorgeous! That kitchen and that bathtub. Love the arch above the front door and dormers.

    Published on 8.10.10 · Reply
  22. coolkids wrote:

    love all of those house! love love love the tini tables!

    Published on 8.10.10 · Reply
  23. oooh! loving the porch, the kitchen, bathrooms, and all of the attention to detail – love love love!!!

    Published on 8.10.10 · Reply
  24. IF I won the lotto….
    And IF I could design
    a new home……
    I would choose Louise
    Brooks to design it,
    hands down. My heart
    was just jumping out of
    my chest as I read this
    post….She is amazing!
    These are houses that
    are absolutely timeless
    in appeal, to me. Thank
    you for sharing Louise!
    Since I've {yet} to win
    the lotto, maybe I'll
    check out those tables….
    Have a wonderful day, Sus!
    xx Suzanne

    Published on 8.10.10 · Reply
  25. all very amazing! I see all the femininity in her work, intricate details, the wonderful curves & those kitchens…to die for!

    Published on 8.10.10 · Reply
  26. Seriously, I just can't get enough… the kitchens and the bathrooms KILL me! Back to work for me, I'm savin up for a Louise Brooks built in bird house!
    xo tash

    Published on 8.10.10 · Reply
  27. Yes! I agree. She does a very good job with livable flowing spaces. Thank you, we all learn something new every day.

    Published on 8.10.10 · Reply
  28. These homes are fantastic! She is so talented and I think I would be overwhelmed by all her wonderful choices if I had the opportunity of having a custom made home. Which I think is pretty awesome.

    Published on 8.10.10 · Reply
  29. Tina wrote:

    Very nice! Love the white kitchen and bathrooms!

    Published on 8.10.10 · Reply
  30. So stunning! I especially love the kitchen!

    Published on 8.10.10 · Reply
  31. That birdhouse is simply amazing!

    I am now a definite fan of her work.

    Published on 8.10.10 · Reply
  32. Leah wrote:

    Oh that kitchen is so amazing. I dream of one day having an all white kitchen!

    Published on 8.10.10 · Reply
  33. Jacqueline wrote:

    beautiful interiors..especially the bathrooms!

    Published on 8.10.10 · Reply
  34. Love her use of curved elements and the incorporated bird house is just delightful! Great recommendation.


    Published on 8.10.10 · Reply
  35. Kathysue wrote:

    I am loving this series of post. The style of homes that you are profiling is exactly what I would dream to have if money were no object and if geography was not in my way!!!I live on the wrong coast. I will have to check out these darling tables. I could totally move right in to this house without making a change to anything. Great post, Sue!! Kathysue

    Published on 8.10.10 · Reply
  36. Love love love all of these!

    Published on 8.10.10 · Reply
  37. wow, go louise! outstanding work!!

    Published on 8.10.10 · Reply
  38. pve design wrote:

    Wonderfully charming and inviting for any bird!
    We will be renovating and are using a local architect, Christina Griffin.
    Check out her work~ when you have time.

    Published on 8.10.10 · Reply
  39. Stacey wrote:

    I love how she designs for the way people live. That's very important. I also love the birdhouse addition as a signature style of hers. Lovely pics!

    Published on 8.10.10 · Reply
  40. Greet wrote:

    My dear,
    These pictures are just gorgeous!
    Your blog is so inspirational to me!!
    Thank you so much!

    Published on 8.10.10 · Reply
  41. Oh, so gorgeous! Love this style, I love Connecticut! Thanks for sharing Sue! XO!

    Published on 8.10.10 · Reply
  42. annechovie wrote:

    That is PERFECT architecture and I already love OOMPH. Thanks for the intro, Sue! xx

    Published on 8.10.10 · Reply
  43. Marie Z. wrote:

    Such a talent! I love both master bathrooms. So clean and fresh!

    Published on 8.10.10 · Reply
  44. Kwana wrote:

    Love her work. Classic with such style.

    Published on 8.10.10 · Reply
  45. Ive seen those little quaterfoil tables around in recent months, and some in really bright colors… I totally love them!

    Published on 8.10.10 · Reply
  46. Averill wrote:

    All of this is just such great eye candy, Sue. Love love LOVE that master bathroom with the pagoda chandy. And that kitchen with the touches of soft blue is yummy as well. And of course those big porches….

    All in all, great post! 🙂

    Published on 8.10.10 · Reply
  47. I want to curl up in that third image and read a book! What classic work!!

    Published on 8.11.10 · Reply
  48. That kitchen is so amazing! I love the big island.

    Published on 8.11.10 · Reply
  49. It's all so lovely. I'm glad to know about her work – that fourth image (the one from the dining room to the outdoor porch/yard and water is AMAZING. I adore that space. It's just perfect. Did I mention I love it?

    Published on 8.11.10 · Reply
  50. beautiful! i love the traditional and plain look she uses, its very refreshing!

    Published on 8.11.10 · Reply
  51. CDS wrote:

    Pretty houses like this make me sing "When I grow up"… *sigh

    Published on 8.11.10 · Reply
  52. ah, those robin's egg blue pendant/lanterns above the island in that kitchen, that stopped me. seriously unique and softly amazing. all of these spaces are like a dream. just lovely!

    Published on 8.11.10 · Reply
  53. Kristin wrote:

    That kitchen is so delicious!

    Published on 8.11.10 · Reply
  54. Josie wrote:

    Those facades are stunning and I love all of the white!
    xo Josie

    Published on 8.11.10 · Reply
  55. Oh, I love the curves and feminine lines throughout. And those birdhouses are amazing! 🙂

    Published on 8.11.10 · Reply
  56. She is amazing!!! Lovely work, I want her here to help me with my house:-)

    Hope you are having a lovely week!

    Published on 8.11.10 · Reply
  57. Cashon&Co wrote:

    Oooh, I am totally loving the exterior architecture…..is that bulit-in bird houses in the eaves? If it is, I'm blown away….

    Published on 8.11.10 · Reply
  58. jamie-lee wrote:

    WOW I love the kitchen – and that bay window with the seating, just beautiful! x


    Published on 8.11.10 · Reply
  59. Shaz wrote:

    That built in bird house looks fantastic. I haven't seen anything like that before. I love the stonework too.

    Published on 8.11.10 · Reply
  60. the bathroom is great!looks so stunning<3

    Published on 8.11.10 · Reply
  61. Estelle wrote:

    I dream of living in a stone house. Just beautiful.

    Published on 8.11.10 · Reply
  62. Leigha wrote:

    Oh, that outdoor patio with the indonesian furniture is to die for (I know the post is mainly about architecture, but my heart loves furniture). Speaking of furniture, those tables are great, too. Off to check out the rest of oomph.

    Published on 8.11.10 · Reply
  63. Ashley wrote:

    thanks for stopping by my blog!!! I am following your lovely blog now!! I am in LOVE with that kitchen. WOW!!!

    Published on 8.11.10 · Reply
  64. oh,those bathrooms!!!man! jealooooous

    Published on 8.11.10 · Reply
  65. More fabulous work! I love that house in the second picture. So beautiful. I love those tables too!

    Published on 8.12.10 · Reply
  66. many gorgeous lights are from Urban Electric-just spec'ed a dozen or more for an upcoming job-they have a terrific website.pgt

    Published on 8.12.10 · Reply
  67. Brandi wrote:

    That window seat just makes me file like "aaahhhh!" I would die over that huge kitchen island

    Published on 8.12.10 · Reply