Lost and Found

Over on Pinterest, I stumbled upon this clever “art” idea featured in the New York Times.  Here, the concept was carried out using stray mittens and gloves found throughout New York City and then cleverly framed up like an art installation. Like any family with small children we always end the winter season
with a plethora of mismatched mittens and gloves, so I can’t believe that
it never dawned on me to frame them like this! Especially since I have a penchant for framing items of clothing. We have a framed silk scarf up in Vermont, which I loved so much that I repeated the idea with a similar scarf in my son’s room.  I also framed my son’s little baby swim trunks. Probably the most special is the little dress my Grandmother made for my mother back in the old country…the very same one she wore in her passport photo when she immigrated to this country from occupied Germany.  It’s such a special tie from one generation to the next. (It’s hanging in our basement playroom, and almost impossible to photograph properly!)  Do you have a thing for framing heirlooms and clothing as well?

framed Hermes scarf

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  1. What a special thing to have framed. My sisters and I framed a beautiful little coat that my grandmother had made for my mom's second birthday and it is one of her favorite things.

    Published on 10.10.13 · Reply
  2. Anonymous wrote:

    I framed the hat my son got from the hospital when he was born. He was so tiny when he was born (5lbs) so he wore that hat for quite a while before it was too small. It makes me smile every time I see it.

    Published on 10.10.13 · Reply
  3. Awww….so sweet. I love preserving such items this way….you are guaranteed they won't get lost and you know they are well kept. I just framed a vintage Dior scarf that used to be my mom's. I can't wait to hang it. I really love the mitten idea. oh and yes we need to go shopping together! What a coincidence that you liked that same sweater. get it!!

    Published on 10.10.13 · Reply
  4. Now this is a fun, fun idea Sue!! Great ideas …

    Art by Karena

    Published on 10.10.13 · Reply
  5. mikky wrote:

    Oh this is just too cute! I've seen scarves framed before, but never sweet little gloves like this. Plus this makes great "art" to pass down when the kids grow up and get their first apartments.
    Really cute and clever, I'm going to remember this one!


    Published on 10.12.13 · Reply