Million Dollar Decorating

You might remember this post when I talked about all the podcasts that I’m loving lately? Well, I have a new one for you. My latest favorite is the design podcast hosted by interior designer, James Swan known as Million Dollar Decorating. James is an award winning interior designer and author and his podcast is a must-listen mix of
interior design professionals and enthusiasts as well as behind the scenes sources of inspiration. 
I’m a big fan of Million Dollar Decorating and a current subscriber, so I was so thrilled when James asked me to sit down for an
interview. I hope you’ll head over to hear us discuss my favorite design books, my most loved decor pieces (spoiler: it’s the three Carter Kustera portraits in our foyer above) and honestly, I can’t even remember what else we talked about because I was so nervous…fingers crossed you can’t tell!
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  1. Congratulations and thanks for the tip on a new podcast.

    Published on 6.13.16 · Reply
  2. How fun Sue! Congratulations!! I will have to pop over and have a listen!


    Published on 6.17.16 · Reply