Minor Obsessions: Beauty Splurges

After sharing some of my favorite drug store beauty steals here a few weeks ago, I thought I’d share all my make up splurges here today.  Most of these products have won some type of “beauty award” which is basically how I’ve found them through the years. The world of cosmetics can be overwhelming, so I’m always grateful for awards that can narrow down the daunting selection.  Sites that offer reviews and feedback like Sephora and Nordstrom are also so helpful, especially when some of these products can be quite expensive and usually by the time you figure out it’s not for you, it’s also not refundable.  I use all of the above for some time now and consider them to be “must haves”.  What does your beauty routine look like, are you loyal to your products or do you like to play and sample?

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  1. Katy Byrne wrote:

    I'm pretty loyal to my standard products, but the occasional gift or sample from Nordstrom has made me a believer in other lines. Bobbi Brown and Chanel are my favorite go-tos. The Chanel waterproof eveliner is worth every penny!

    Katy http://www.designsbykaty.com

    Published on 10.18.13 · Reply
  2. I just received some new beauty purchases…trying some new things from Barneys. Koh Gen Do powder and blush and hourglass brushes! Love to try new things, though I'm loyal to Laura Mercier's primer and a certain Chanel lipstick!

    Happy weekend, stylish lady!
    xoxo Elizabeth

    Published on 10.18.13 · Reply
  3. Maurie wrote:

    The Cle de Peu concealer is worth every penny. It is the best on the market; it stays on, looks natural, and is creamy smooth. I have very dark circles and deep-set eyes, and so if it works for me, it will work for anyone. I can't say enough good about it! No wonder it has won award after award and is in every model's and actress's make-up kit.

    Published on 10.19.13 · Reply
  4. Thank you for this! I need these tips. 🙂

    Published on 10.23.13 · Reply