Minor Obsessions: Chinoiserie Inspired Decor

chinoiserie insipred decor
Inspired by all the blogs I read on a weekly basis, and no doubt by this book, (that I just reviewed here) I can’t stop thinking about adding more Chinoiserie touches to my home.  I’ve always loved blue and white Chinese pottery. The few basic pieces I acquired in my twenties, are truly the only things from that time in my life when my taste was still being formed that I actually still love to this day. In fact, I think this consistency somehow makes me love them all the more. The classic appeal of these items really lies in they way they work so beautifully with so many different design eras. What are you on the hunt for these days?

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  1. Hot topic this week, love Chinoiserie especially blue and white porcelain !

    Published on 11.8.13 · Reply