Minor Obsessions: Leopard Print

leopard print for home and fashion accessories

How is it possible that I’ve not devoted a full post to my love of leopard?  Considering I own and or sell everything above and then some (because all of it wouldn’t fit in this collage) it’s crazy that I haven’t obsessed a bit about this iconic fashion print here before.

It all started out in the late nineties when I wanted to add a bit of pizazz to our very neutral starter apartment in New York City.  I remember feeling very sophisticated when I came home from Gracious Home with a bunch of leopard print pillows to scatter about our sectional sofa. Bolstered by my new acquisition for the home, these memorable pillows became my gateway drug to all things leopard.  It was shortly after, that I discovered leopard print gloves which in turn, became a leopard print scarf purchase…The leopard accessories accumulated in my closet as I noticed this print (now ubiquitous) more and more.

Then a few years ago, I made the jump from small accessories to a cardigan, which became an instant favorite and most recently, this blouse, which I absolutely love.  However, I’ve decided that’s IT for me.  Despite my love of leopard and despite numerous pins of fashionable ladies sporting amazing leopard coats and even some leopard pants, I can’t do it.  Not for lack of trying…I must’ve ordered about three or four leopard coats and returned them all.  I don’t feel like myself in them.

Wearing leopard can be tricky.  Despite a closet full of accessories, I will never wear any of these two leopard pieces together at the same time.  Leopard can go from Kate Moss chic to full on Mrs. Roper meets Snookie in a hot minute. So for me, it’s an obsession that I love in the home and in fashion, but mostly, just in small doses.  How do you feel about leopard?

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  1. I love this trend…Always, did.

    Published on 10.11.13 · Reply
  2. It's a great trend that seems to feel more like a classic. I have that scarf you've posted and a pair of leopard flats – I'll wear them both with a camel v-neck and black jeans, so in that case I'm breaking the only one at a time idea. Agree – if I added one more it would be Mrs. Roper (she was fun, wasn't she!)

    Published on 10.11.13 · Reply
  3. Love the flats! This is such a fun trend.

    Published on 10.11.13 · Reply
  4. Becky M wrote:

    Yes yes and yes to leopard print! It is my favorite trend this season! Love!


    Published on 10.12.13 · Reply
  5. I have always struggled with leopard…I buy it and always end up returning it. I think the scarf or some flats may be a perfect way to add it to my wardrobe.

    Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

    Published on 10.12.13 · Reply