Minor Obsessions

Katie Ridder girls room

This week I’m really obsessed with getting my eleven year old’s room into gear…it’s not really a minor obsession truthfully, but rather a major one. The room has an odd layout and is proving trickier than I had originally thought (you can see photos of it here). Unlike my older daughter’s room re-do, that practically designed itself, I needed to call in the big guns and get Lauren Muse, to help me sort this out. The image above, designed by Katie Ridder, is proving to be a helpful jumping off point. (As is the fabric from this Monday’s P.O.P).

In the image above, the simple white bedding and the positioning of the bed in front of the window, with that fabulous window treatment to frame it all out, is absolutely something we are all now considering. Other considerations include the shape of this headboard, this light fixture and this cute way to add some extra storage, found by my daughter online! What design projects have you been obsessed with lately?

velvet headboard with nailhead trim
white modern pendant light
pottery barn shoe organizer furry ottoman
pottery barn teen light star display

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  1. Love your inspirations. That fabric from Monday is one of my favorites!

    Published on 8.16.13 · Reply
  2. Alexa wrote:

    Great inspiration…that star is so cool!

    Published on 8.16.13 · Reply
  3. So cute!!! That shoe storage ottoman might just have to go in my girl's room! xo c

    Published on 8.16.13 · Reply
  4. Appropriately title "Minor Obsessions." ๐Ÿ™‚

    Published on 8.16.13 · Reply
    • Hah, very cute…just realized now that you pointed that out!:)

      Published on 8.17.13 · Reply
  5. oh, I need some inspiration, thank you. My daughter has "hired" me as her decorator and is seeking something salty. Must wait till September to start however, so I hope you'll share your progress… so far SO good!

    Published on 8.16.13 · Reply
  6. Erika wrote:

    I remember similar pendant lights from when I was a child. They look great when clean, but are terrible dust collectors, and look shabby as soon as they get dusty. Much worse than chandeliers, which at least cope well with a mild dose of the Miss Havishams.

    Published on 8.16.13 · Reply
    • uh oh…not digging the thought of dusty "Havisham" lights, but I do love a good Dickens reference!…so glad to know, thanks for that tip Erika!:)

      Published on 8.17.13 · Reply
  7. Oh Sue I can see that your sweet daughter will have a darling room!

    2013 Designer Series

    Published on 8.17.13 · Reply
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    Published on 8.17.13 · Reply
  9. designchic wrote:

    I love your inspiration image and your picks look great…love the light fixture!

    Published on 8.17.13 · Reply
  10. Love the pieces you have picked out! The white lamp is absolute perfection!

    –Sayeh, The Office Stylist

    Published on 8.19.13 · Reply
  11. My recent minor obsession… these prints from gimble&gyre. a bit of fashion with my favorite foods??


    Published on 8.20.13 · Reply