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 dishes | candle | ring | box | top | stool
There’s no common thread for these items, except for the fact that each and every one of them is currently sitting in a virtual shopping cart of mine somewhere, waiting for me to decide (you’ve done that too, right?!)  I still have yet to buy dishes for our home in Florida, which is partially crazy but also ensures that I don’t have to cook on vacation…chic plates like these from Kim Seybert, seem to be a good compromise…cause they’re melamine so maybe not really dishes, plus they are so pretty!  Also pretty, the scent and the looks of this candle spotted recently at Barneys. As for this ring…I’m sort of obsessed with this whole double bar look in rings at the moment, and this one in particular from Gorjana,  I just can’t stop thinking about it, or this sweet little brass heart box, by Jonathan Adler, it reminds me of a similar silver one that I had many, many years ago.  Finally rounding out this weeks obsessions, this J.Crew, black and white collection pom-pom top, is perfect in so many ways…the spotted trim detail? Obsessed! And, finally, our vacation house still needs more seating, I need to fix this immediately, perhaps with a pair of these versatile stools?  They seem so vacay-tiony to me!  I’ve shown you mine…what’s sitting in your cyber carts these days?

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  1. ok, now I am officially obsessed with the chinoiserie place setting. GORGEOUS!

    Published on 7.19.13 · Reply
  2. stephanie wrote:

    love all of your picks especially that ring … so cool!

    Published on 7.19.13 · Reply
  3. Jamie wrote:

    Did you get the Serena and Lily private sale invite? I think the stools are $75 or $85 on sale. Love your finds! I have things in a virtual cart at stores too!

    Published on 7.19.13 · Reply
  4. Help!!! I need want it all!! the ring, the plates, the top!! This is a fabulous round-up!

    Published on 7.19.13 · Reply