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Today’s the first day of summer! For someone like me, who LOVES summer, who basically lives for summer, this fact alone should make me very happy…but instead, for some weird reason, I’m feeling anxious. Like it’s already all going too fast…which is crazy I know! But, instead of just going with the flow this year, all winter long I’ve been creating a huge “summer bucket list” for lack of a better term, for all the things I want to do and enjoy, and now that summer is finally here, I’m feeling like there just isn’t enough time, and summer has only just started today!
Here’s just a small sampling of all the things I want to do this summer: I want to focus more on exercise (and clearly I need these!)  I want to catch up on all my reading, and finish the books I’ve already started (like this one!) take at least one weekend trip with Mr. Zhush, (it’s not just an excuse to buy a new bag, it’s not!) catch up with my friends over margaritas, (the best recipe is here) indulge in some “me” time (Sunday Funday is calling my name) enjoy some date nights with the hubs (preferably wearing my new favorite top)…the list goes on and on, this is just the tip of the summer list iceberg.  Do you do this too? Please tell me you do!

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  1. oo love that bag! so cute. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

    Published on 6.21.13 · Reply
  2. I have sooo many things on my summer to do list, it is pretty overwhelming. I'm like, "I have to pack EVERYTHING in three months!!" Which is crazy because summer is supposed to be relaxing. But, like Christmas, I'm always thinking it'll be an other year until I can do these things again and then I start stressing.

    But I am SOOOO excited for all my summer traveling. I can't wait!

    Published on 6.21.13 · Reply
  3. Sue, Oh yes and I do need a new weekender bag, very chic! Great watch as well. So so much to do and it is already the end of June (almost)!

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    Published on 6.22.13 · Reply