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Because I have naturally frizzy, kinky, frazzled, cowlicky all around unruly hair, I go to great lengths to keep it straight.  In the summer, this gets a little trickier.  Last week, I called in the big guns and got another Brazilian Keratin blow out.  For those of you blessed with carefree hair, this is a chemical treatment that entails almost two hours at the salon, and then you can’t get your hair wet for at least 24 hours.  Not a problem for me…cause I’m an expert at this point on keeping my hair dry.
The whole experience reminded me of a fun gift I received a few years back, from some friends that knew my penchant for keeping my locks away from water.  Basically it consisted of this very shower cap (that I still use to this day, embarrassing but true) a ridiculous, over the top sixties style swim cap, that I’ve never used, this chic little umbrella and Klorane dry shampoo.  Of course if I’m every caught in a deluge without my umbrella, I’ve always got a few of these fun little elastics on hand and a versatile little scarf in my bag. Another good way to extend the life of a great blow out, is to sleep on one of these silk pillowcases.  What beauty/hair quirks and tricks to you use to get by?

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  1. I am with you on the hair type and the need for Brazilian Blowouts. A woman in my neighborhood invented a sunhat with a built in shower cap and it is genious. I can go to the pool with the kids (and with a 2 year old I have to get in) and leave with completely dry hair. Check it out. (BTW, I am in no way affiliated with this company…other than the fact that I love my hat!) http://www.shoresunhats.com/

    Published on 8.23.13 · Reply
    • OMG, just checked out that site…those hats! I need one…these women that invented this…genius! tysm!xx:)

      Published on 8.23.13 · Reply
  2. Anonymous wrote:

    Your hair sounds a lot like mine–the original Brazilian Blowout changed my life! But since most salons have stopped using the products with formaldehyde, I have not had good or very lasting results (and I've had them done at some of the top salons in NYC). Would you mind sharing where you get yours done???

    Published on 8.23.13 · Reply
    • Sure, it's a small salon in the NYC tristate area with two locations…DIVAZ…good luck!

      Published on 8.23.13 · Reply