Monday Musings

In an effort to add a little personality and whimsy to classic  table and desk top displays, my eye keeps coming back to these little decorative creatures. Using these small animals, along with  more traditional accessories like books, candles, trays and frames would add a lot of charm and interest to any room.

This great looking bronze elephant is only 4 inches high, but long on style. Traditionally, when the elephant’s trunk is facing up, its a sign of good luck. This would make a great addition to my living room, perched atop a stack of coffee table art books. He can be found at Patch,

This next group of cast iron animals from Japan, can be found over at As a Capricorn, I am partial to the little Ram. He would look great on my desk on a silver tray, with a mint julep cup to hold my pens and a small candle by his side.

If you are looking to really add something a little different, or want a great conversation piece, check out the offerings over at This little monkey (above) along with this darling dinosaur (below) both get the job done!

For a more traditional approach, has some great little birds, that are also actually little jewelry boxes. They would look lovely on a dressing table or a guest bathroom.

Finally, has a little wooden black bird, that actually folds flat, and can be mailed as a postcard. Who wouldn’t love receiving this in the mail?

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